No more loss on inventory.

Understand your inventory better and be prepared for market fluctuations.

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Manage multiple warehouses and streamline your operations.

One WMS. For all your warehouse worries.

Inbound/Outbound operations

Create custom QC steps for inbound/outbound deliveries and ensure consistent quality.

Delivery scheduling

Plan your deliveries smartly and avoid wastage and errors. Save time and money with efficient dock management.

Real-time tracking

Get real-time visibility into all processes—delivery schedules, stock levels, POs, SOs, and more.

Smart warehouse management

Here’s a fact: poor inventory management can cost you time and money.

That’s why we’ve built software that helps you perfect your inventory management.

Reorder level management

Maintain the right stock level.

Don’t lose out on orders because some stock is missing, but also don’t spend extra on storing goods. Set reorder points for different materials and automate purchase orders to ensure you always have the required inventory: not more, not less.

Stock projection and forecasting

Is that wizardry?

No, it’s science. Know your future and current stock needs accurately. Our system uses a scientific method called exponential smoothing to forecast your stock requirements during different seasons and periods, so you know when you need to ramp up production and when you need to lower your stock.


So much intelligence in your pocket.

Our warehouse management software is mobile-friendly. So, access your crucial data in real-time, on the go. Give your staff the flexibility to move, receive stock, fulfill deliveries, scan barcodes, and update the system on the spot.

Other essentials

Get crucial insights into every area of your warehouse management.

Just-in-time inventory

Keep minimum inventory but never fall short of required stock with intelligent JIT inventory planning.

Bin-level inventory management

Effortlessly track inventory across bins, optimize picking efficiency, and hand over work to new staff easily.

Stock aging

Assess product time in inventory, identify slow-moving products, make better purchase decisions, and minimize cost and wastage.

Lot traceability

Track goods across the distribution chain. Quickly respond to faulty exports and trace the defective item.


Use barcode-based workflows to accurately capture every stock entry and track individual items or several products.


Add multiple warehouses, track and control stock movement, dispatch orders from the closest location, speed up deliveries, and reduce cost.


Get insights on production efficiency, order fulfillment, vendor performance, sales and purchase trends.


Customize intuitive dashboards to track critical metrics like low stock variants, purchase orders, sales orders, top-performing products, and more.


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