Dexciss ERP: Your Partner in Efficiency

Managing sugar production effectively in this dynamic environment requires a robust and flexible solution. Dexciss ERP for Sugar, a powerful alternative to traditional options, offers the tools you need to excel.

We understand the intricacies of the sugar industry as well as you do

Cultivate Success - From Field to Factory

Crop & Farmer Management

Support farmer training to guide them through the sugarcane lifecycle with best practices, support from pre-planting to harvest. Our system also supports conduct and track farm surveys conducted at regular intervals to help farmers acquire seeds/crops at subsidized prices.

Seamless Procurement with Automated Raw Material Weightment

Our procurement module is unique for its manless process, integrating NFC card technology for automated operations from cane receipt to billing. Weighment, monitored remotely through digital cameras, is accurate and fast. The system eliminates the need for weighment clerks at Gross & Tare, reduces manpower costs, and ensures error-free transactions. Magnetic cards associated with each transaction are read by Card-Readers at various points, enabling a seamless and efficient process.

Refine & Optimize Your Production Process

Complete Formula Management

From sourcing and cleaning sugarcane or beets, to extracting juice, forming crystals, and efficient packaging, Dexciss ERP oversees your entire production process. Maintain consistent quality and optimize output with formula’s auto-sizing feature that allows for easy material substitution without compromising taste or accuracy.

By-Product Management

We don't let our system overlook the value of your by-products! Dexciss ERP provides comprehensive by-product management for bagasse, molasses, ethanol, and distillery products, ensuring you capture their full potential and maximize revenue streams.

Manage Beyond the Factory Gates

Power Grid Management

If you operate a bagasse-powered plant streamline your operations with Dexciss' end-to-end power grid management solution. Gain control and optimize power generation for a more sustainable and cost-effective operation

Distillery Management

Dexciss ERP systems manage distillery operations by tracking inventory, optimizing production, ensuring quality, and facilitating regulatory compliance for efficient operations.

Staff Management

Effectively manage your workforce with shift scheduling, rotation tracking, and accurate payroll processing. Take control of employee expenses like electricity usage, ensuring a streamlined and efficient personnel management system.

Tailored for Your Business

Instant yet Accurate Calculations

We understand you manage raw materials with different conversion between units and perform reverse calculations to accurately track material usage and optimize future production planning. Dexciss ERP supports it.

Flexible Sales Management

Dexciss ERP caters to both retail/distribution and deal-based sales processes. Manage your complete sales cycle with ease, ensuring timely deliveries and satisfied customers.

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