Optimize your workflow with process automation.

Save time and money by reducing manual work.

Intuitive and easy to use.

A simple, no-code process builder to automate processes across departments.

Create workflows

Easily create workflows with if/then logic using drag-and-drop functionality.

Customize forms

Make forms in minutes and customize them at any time.

Personalizable dashboards

See real-time information on relevant processes in a summarized form.


Visual Workflow Editor
Run JavaScript
npm package import
Workflows can wait
Conditional logic and branching
Webhook triggers
Retry failed executions
Multi-trigger workflows
Source code available
User management
Create custom nodes
Encrypted credential store
Copy + paste workflows
Export workflows to JSON
Custom error workflows
Let the work flow

Streamline your processes.

Get custom reports, see key insights into processes, eliminate roadblocks, and collaborate effectively with teammates.

Simple and
flexible forms

in-depth reports

Tools for

Do more by doing less

Say goodbye to repetitive work.

Focus on critical tasks and let our process automation tool handle the rest.

  • Logic-based, multi-step workflows with conditional triggers.
  • Preview mode to test workflows before going live.
  • Permission-based workflows to control who participates in what process.

Over 220+ integrations

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