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Elevate the shopping experience with features that have you covered.


Speed up your checkouts, create custom receipts, apply taxes and discounts, and manage returns.


Optimize your inventory with inventory analysis, stock adjustments, and real-time inventory tracking.

Employee Management

Create staff profiles, set permissions and approvals, and keep the morale high with commissions and acknowledgment for excellent performance.


Add as many products as you need. Create categories and product variants based on various attributes and track inventory status.


Create customer profiles, see purchase history and lifetime spend, reward loyalty, and run marketing campaigns.


Take your business to the next level with actionable reports and informed decision-making. See reports on sales, cash flow, discounts, offers, product performance, and more.

Online and offline sales

Sell where your customers are.

  • Omnichannel sales Manage both online and offline sales with our POS and track real-time changes in inventory.
  • Flexible transactions Sell online and accept returns offline, or sell in-store and ship directly to customers.
  • Faster checkout Manage traffic by taking your mobile device or tablet to customers in the queue and billing them on the spot.
Inventory management

Hundreds of products, one simple way to manage them.

Eliminate errors and loss with the right inventory planning and real-time visibility.

  • Track inventory, get sale item suggestions, low stock reports, and create purchase orders.
  • Track product performance with inventory analysis.
  • Perform inventory count with barcode scanner and manage transfers from different warehouses.

Manage products

Sort products based on price, vendor, category, and inventory level. Assign existing or new barcodes to products and keep track of inventory.

Inventory report

Get detailed inventory reports. Notice trends across products and locations. Identify top- performing and least-performing products.

Demand forecasting

Be prepared for holiday sales or low season with smart demand forecasting based on past performance during different periods.

Employee management

Manage your teams like a pro.

Create profiles, set permissions, and eliminate the burden of monitoring every activity manually off your shoulders.

Set approvals

Require manager's approval for critical decisions like applying discounts, editing taxes, and ordering inventory.

Roles and permissions

Add as many staff as needed with different roles and permissions. You can choose to restrict features, windows, and actions.

Recognize performance

Give a big shout-out to top performers. Attribute sales to employee profiles and reward and acknowledge their contribution.

Customer management

Make your customers come over and over.

Customer profiles

Customer profiles are created with every sale, whether online or in-store.

Notify customers

Reach your customers using SMS, call, or email and inform them of upcoming sales or products.


Personalize your marketing based on customer data like purchase history, total spend, marketing preference, location, and more.

Loyalty programs

Reward your loyal customers with special discounts and offers. Make your one-time customer a regular buyer with exclusive offerings on frequent purchases.


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