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Have easy access to information, allow self-service, and get the flexibility to manage teams and projects spread worldwide.

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A suite of features
to manage every operation.

Track progress on projects, get crucial insights, convert more leads, and streamline your operations.

Track Human faces

Project Management

Create project plans, track progress, and stay aware of critical tasks and their dependencies with Gantt charts. Log billable and non-billable hours in timesheets and automatically generate invoices. Save time by automating repetitive tasks and personalize the tool with custom fields, workflows, and statuses to meet your unique requirements.

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Ensure a delightful customer experience and build lasting relationships. Automate workflows, campaigns, and customer journeys. Have an omnichannel presence with centralized information to reach customers on their preferred channel and have all conversations on one platform for ease. Use actionable insights and custom reports to make informed decisions and speed up your growth.

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Meet your end-to-end accounting needs with a comprehensive finance module in ERPNext. Manage your core accounting, bank reconciliation, and tax compliance. See intuitive reports to get critical insights.

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Human Resource Management System (HRMS)

Empower your workforce with tools that simplify day-to-day operations and improve the work experience. Manage performance with flexible goal setting, constructive feedback, reviews, and performance appraisals. Easily get through your core tasks with insightful analytics, employee lifecycle management, employee database, and smart workflows. Accurately track attendance and billable hours with attendance and timesheet modules.

Edit videos at up to 4K

Asset Management

From procurement to disposal, manage your entire asset lifecycle. Easily access details like the status of an asset, custodian, location, warranty, depreciation, scraping, and selling. When you purchase a new asset, the system automatically creates a record for the asset based on information in the item master. You can update depreciation methods, schedules, and insurance details in a few clicks. When you no longer need an asset, all you need to do is sell; the system automatically generates journal entries and keeps the books up to date without hassle.

Remove unwanted noise


Get a clearer picture of the state of business with insightful reports and an intuitive dashboard. Easily build custom reports, personalize your dashboard with a drag-and-drop interface, and always keep the essential data accessible. Share your reports with your team members and control what others can do with permissions.

Tools that simplify your daily chores.

Quickly see updates on the dashboard, check your pending tickets, or follow up on the quotation.


Customize your dashboard with a drag-and-drop interface to include everything you need at a glance.

Ticket management

Optimize ticket management with smart workflows and automation by bringing communication from multiple channels into one window.


Create purchase orders and easily convert them into bills. Track every detail with logs, attach files for context and get insights into your purchases with real-time insights.


Create and send professional quotations. Customize your sales orders with brand logo, font, and color. Convert sales orders into invoices in a single click.


Keep all your contacts organized, safe, and easily accessible with contact management. So, when you need to contact a vendor or reach out to an investor, you can find their details with a simple search.


Glance over your dashboard, see critical reports, or create an urgent purchase order on the go using your smartphone. Access ERPNext for ITES from anywhere.

Adapt quickly

Scale easily when needed.

ERPNext is agile and made to accommodate the fast-changing market. You can quickly scale in times of high demand and growth and cut down on servers in the slow market. Even when you’re adding new business units, starting new projects, or restructuring your organization as per new laws, the system makes the whole process easier by helping you plan for resources and not impacting your current processes.

Quick implementation

Ready for action.

With our time-tested implementation methodology, out-of-the-box industry-specific features, self-help manuals, and an intuitive user interface, your team can get started with Dexciss ERP, built on ERPNext, in a minimum time.

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