Manage your entire FMCG business on one system

Streamline and scale your FMCG operations with Dexciss ERP for FMCG.

Get real-time visibility over key operations.

Monitor the different aspects of your business, like inventory, sales, purchase orders, and analytics, in real time and from anywhere. Comply with strict regulations and deliver quality products with lesser costs and more efficiency.

Inventory management

Optimize inventory levels, forecast requirements, track inventory status, and reduce storage costs.

Supply chain management

Maintain a price book, create invoices, manage sales, make purchases, and simplify your supply chain.

Quality management

Meet compliances and high-quality standards with QC and QA analysis. Create a QC checklist, desired values, and multi-level approvals, and see quality trends.


Develop, approve, and maintain recipes.

Manage your formulas/recipes by defining product specifications for your intermediate, co-products, by-products, and final products. List down ingredients and manufacturing instructions, require QC checks, determine costs, and manage multiple formula versions. Analyze and compare formulas, estimate production costs, and add requirements for workflow approvals.

(Human Resource Management Software)

(Customer Relationship Management)


Complementary solutions

Maintain books, manage customers, and build a strong team.

Automate repetitive tasks, get better insights, build stronger customer relationships, do your accounting, and manage your manufacturing—all with Dexciss ERP for FMCG.

  • Simplify accounting.
  • Hire the right talent and manage payrolls.
  • Maintain customer records, run promotion campaigns, and build loyalty.

Modules that help you meet the complex requirements of FMCG business.

  • Generate FDA, GMP, and GFSA compliant nutrition labels
  • Meet chemical labeling requirements as per GMP, SARA, REACH, SDS, and more
  • Maintain batch records for easy traceability
  • Receive products
  • Capture QC information for inbound deliveries
  • Track real-time inventory status
  • Ship finished products
  • Add multiple warehouses
  • Intuitive dashboards
  • Know your best-performing products
  • See reports in charts, widgets, pivot tables, and tabular views

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"Dexciss ERP solutions have transformed our business operations. Their software is highly customizable and has helped us streamline our inventory management and customer relationship management. Their customer support is also highly responsive and helped us resolve any issues we had during the implementation process."

"We have been using Dexciss ERP solutions for over a year now, and we are highly impressed with their software's functionality and user interface. The software has significantly improved our business processes, and their team has been highly supportive and responsive in providing the necessary assistance. We highly recommend Dexciss ERP solutions."

"Dexciss has exceeded our expectations with their ERP solutions. The software is user-friendly and highly scalable, and it has been able to handle our growing business needs effectively. Their team has also been very professional and prompt in addressing any issues we had. We highly recommend Dexciss for their outstanding ERP solutions."

"Dexciss's ERP solutions have been a game-changer for our organization. Their software has provided us with a comprehensive view of our business operations, and it has helped us make informed decisions. We are highly satisfied with their software's performance and their team's expertise."

"Dexciss has been a reliable partner for our organization. Their ERP solutions have provided us with the necessary tools to manage our business operations effectively. Their team has been highly supportive and has gone above and beyond in helping us resolve any issues we had. We highly recommend Dexciss for their excellent ERP solutions."

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Dexciss ERP for FMCG, built on ERPNext, is designed to meet the peculiar needs of the FMCG business. Its simple-to-use interface helps in easy adoption, and the time-tested implementation methodology ensures faster and smoother implementation.

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