Access data remotely and securely.

Get instant access to your ERP system from anywhere, using mobile devices.

Device and location independent.

Whether it’s to confirm some figures, revise an invoice, or approve a purchase order, do it instantly, from where you are.

Friends with all

Access Dexciss ERP from mobile, laptop, or tablet.

One solution

End-to-end features and domain-specific modules.

Highly secure

Fine-grained permissions, secure login, and compliance with the latest security standards.


Time to be more productive.

Complete a time-sensitive task while commuting to work. Clarify customers’ doubts on-site, update progress status in real-time, and revise invoices or purchase orders while interacting with the stakeholders.

Better customer experience

Better employee experience

Better efficiency


Instant access. Seamless work.

Update ERP in real-time, resolve customer queries quickly and eliminate paperwork and chances of information loss.

  • Improve customer experience with fast processes, quick confirmations, and on-the-go assistance.
  • Improve efficiency with real-time updates, quick access to critical data, and one source of truth.
  • Improve collaboration with accurate job progress updates, instant chat options, teams dashboard, and many other pro collaboration features.

Hear from users who have gone mobile.

"Dexciss ERP solutions have transformed our business operations. Their software is highly customizable and has helped us streamline our inventory management and customer relationship management. Their customer support is also highly responsive and helped us resolve any issues we had during the implementation process."

"Dexciss has exceeded our expectations with their ERP solutions. The software is user-friendly and highly scalable, and it has been able to handle our growing business needs effectively. Their team has also been very professional and prompt in addressing any issues we had. We highly recommend Dexciss for their outstanding ERP solutions."

"We have been using Dexciss ERP solutions for over a year now, and we are highly impressed with their software's functionality and user interface. The software has significantly improved our business processes, and their team has been highly supportive and responsive in providing the necessary assistance. We highly recommend Dexciss ERP solutions."

"Dexciss's ERP solutions have been a game-changer for our organization. Their software has provided us with a comprehensive view of our business operations, and it has helped us make informed decisions. We are highly satisfied with their software's performance and their team's expertise."

"Dexciss has been a reliable partner for our organization. Their ERP solutions have provided us with the necessary tools to manage our business operations effectively. Their team has been highly supportive and has gone above and beyond in helping us resolve any issues we had. We highly recommend Dexciss for their excellent ERP solutions."


Your data security is our priority.

We follow strict safety measures and best practices to ensure your data is safe. Data is encrypted to ensure it’s not stolen. Permissions are fine-grained to give you control of what others can access and do with the data. Our system is GDPR compliant and follows the standard best practices to ensure data security.

Break free from inefficient workflows and empower your teams.

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