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Contact management

Contact management

Manage all your contacts in one place and easily find the contact you’re looking for with tags, filters, categories, and more.

Workflow automation

Workflow automation

Automate repetitive tasks and free up space for building better relationships. Set workflows to trigger after meeting specific criteria, send follow-up emails, schedule tasks, send personalized SMS, and more.

Lead management

Lead management

Convert more leads into customers. Generate leads from your website, social media, emails, and by scanning business cards. Automatically assign leads to sales reps based on location, product, and team. Engage with leads on social media, call, email, SMS, and webinars, and get all conversations on one platform.

Account management

Account management

See all account information in one place. Create separate accounts under the same parent company to cater to different departments and decision-makers. Track ongoing projects and pending deals, generate sales orders and invoices and get deeper insights with reports.

Performance management

Performance management

Do accurate sales forecasting based on past performance and other factors. Track a particular region, product, or team’s performance. Categorize and group customers based on relevant criteria and prioritize leads with higher conversion chances.

Document management

Document management

Collect, upload, share, and manage documents in a centralized location with Nextcloud. Access files whenever you need, quickly and easily.



See simple-to-read, real-time reports to understand the health of your sales and make data-driven decisions. Choose from a variety of standard reports or build custom reports to meet your needs. See data in visually pleasing charts, tables, and colors, making presenting and reading reports engaging and effective.

Greater flexibility. Familiar functionality. High security.

Engage customers at the right channel, display excellent teamwork, and access information on the go.

Omnichannel support

Connect with customers on the channel of their choice (email, social media, call, SMS, live chat, and more) and bring all information to a centralized platform.


Create a custom dashboard to quickly glance over all the vital information and easily access deeper insights by interacting with a data set or by clicking on the chart to get even more details.


Access your CRM on the go. See reports, update leads, assign tasks, manage contacts, and share documents—all with your mobile device.


From workflows to page layouts and even fields and buttons, you can make ERPNext CRM work as you like. Create custom views, localize currency and language, add relevant fields, and test the customization before going live.


Use feeds to discuss deals and share news and announcements. With live chat, quickly connect with a teammate for approvals or reminders. Use notes to record info and tag sales rep to collaborate.


ERPNext CRM is GDPR compliant and takes your data security seriously. We follow the latest security standards and regulations and have built features that let you take control of your data and how others access it.

Easy to use

Clean and simple UI

ERPNext CRM feels simple and intuitive. The clean user interface makes interacting with the system fun and natural, making it easy to adopt.

Quick implementation

Fast Deployment

You can start using ERPNext CRM in a minimum time. Our time-tested implementation methodology and self-help guides make the process smooth and speedy.

Works with other tools.

Integrate ERPNext CRM with tools you love and make it more helpful.


Sales teams love ERPNext CRM.

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