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Project planning

In our partnership using CTO as a Service, we'll work with you to develop a plan for your business, establish a strategy for the technical aspects, and create a roadmap for your projects. We'll also create a framework for your solutions, set up the necessary tools, and build a specialized team to bring your ideas to life.

Project audit and optimization

A Virtual CTO assesses your technology tools, how your product is built, and the steps taken in development to find any issues slowing down your business progress. After identifying these obstacles, we'll create a plan to enhance efficiency and guide the implementation of improvements.

Project scaling

If you want to grow your business or add new technology, we're here to help. Our virtual CTO will make a plan to help you grow, connect your systems, and give advice on improving technology for the future


Our virtual CTO will oversee your R&D, manage and enhance your existing technology and compliance rules, and find the most suitable tech solutions for your needs.

Ensuring technical due diligence

Using CTO as a Service, we'll help you secure funding or form valuable partnerships. Our team will assess your product, systems, and processes, creating a roadmap for product growth to ensure stakeholders are happy.

Technology evangelism

Using CTO as a Service, we'll help you secure funding or form valuable partnerships. Our team will assess your product, systems, and processes, creating a roadmap for product growth to ensure stakeholders are happy.


  • Prepare Data We'll help prepare your data for AI, build and train reliable AI models, and smoothly integrate them into your software.
  • Cloud consulting We'll assist you in using the benefits of cloud technology, create and execute a plan to move to the cloud, and set up and improve your cloud system
  • Data management We'll assist in creating a complete system for all your company's data, giving you a full view of how your business operates.
  • Intelligent automation We'll assist in creating a versatile team of digital workers or improving your product with smart automation capabilities.
  • DevOps We'll assist in creating a streamlined software development process that accelerates software delivery by fostering teamwork and leveraging modern technology tools.
  • Data science We'll assist you in turning various data collected from different places into useful and easily understandable visuals.
Hire a virtual CTO and an entire team

for your project

We possess expertise in diverse technologies and abundant resources to not only offer guidance on your project but also execute it successfully. Depending on your project needs, you have the flexibility to choose from various collaboration options tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Standalone CTO

A virtual CTO can support your business by refining product concepts, developing technical presentations, and providing guidance on a range of technology and product-related tasks based on your specific needs.

A managed team lead by a CTO

Our CTO not only leads in technology but also assembles a complete development team with the best talent from ITRex. We'll find all the experts your project requires, from business analysts and engineers to testers and other specialized skills.

Top-level virtual CTO services delivered flexibly

CTO consulting

A virtual CTO guides you from planning to development, helping pick the right tech tools, estimating project costs, and finding skilled team members. They also troubleshoot technical problems in the later stages of your project.

Full-time CTO

As your CTO as a Service partner, we bring the benefit of having a dedicated expert who seamlessly becomes part of your team, offering ongoing high-quality technical guidance.

Fractional CTO

Our on-demand CTO is here to assist your project as needed. They'll review your product and processes independently, provide guidance on product and technology strategies, and oversee the implementation of any required changes.

Interim CTO

We'll help your business stay on track by providing continuous technical support and guidance until you find a permanent CTO.


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