Be friends with data.

Capture every detail and gain a whole new perspective on different aspects of your business.

See insightful reports, detect trends, identify gaps, and discover hidden insights.


Charts,tables,widgets & more.

Get your critical data on a single screen by creating a powerful dashboard with a drag-and-drop interface. See reports in charts, KPI widgets, Pivot tables, tabular views, graphics, and more. Drill down into reports, use filters, and get deeper insights.


Complex reporting?
not-so-complex anymore.

No more waiting for crucial data. See reports in real-time. Get actionable insights into the hands of every decision maker. Use our simple-to-use BI reporting tool to prepare numerous reports, analyze trends, and do predictive analyses.

End-to-end insights

These numbers tell a story.

Unify data from departments like sales, marketing, finance, operations, production, and others and get end-to-end insights. Build custom reports, use loads of pre-built visualizations, do what-if analysis, set data alerts, and understand your business health.

Make data-driven decisions

Discover hidden insights, explore tons of impressive visualizations, collaborate with your team, and elevate your business.

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Hundreds of reports

Get actionable insights at a click and analyze every aspect of your business with intuitive reports.

Flexible access

Location is no more a limitation. Access reports from anywhere using your mobile, laptop, or tablet.


Control what others can do with reports. Set access control with read-only, read-write, admin, drill-down, export, and other controls.


Connect to multiple data sources and business apps, upload spreadsheets and various other files, and get data analyzed and converted into easy-to-read reports.


Collaborate with your colleagues, easily share a report or dashboard, start a comment thread, schedule reports, and publish them on websites or blogs.


Create user roles with specific access, see audit trails to track every change, and recover data if needed with cloud backups done daily. We follow industry-leading security practices to keep your data safe.

There’s a lot to love in our BI Dashboards.

Simple to use. Stunning to look at.

Take a free demo. Learn more about BI Dashboard.

See how our BI Dashboard can help you get better insights into your business.

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