More connected. More productive. More profitable.

Streamline your operations for faster, error-free, and more productive output.

Seamless integration.
Empowering flexibility. Admirable simplicity.

One solution

Integrate different departments for improved visibility and greater flexibility. Use end-to-end modules to meet your every business need.

Cloud deployment

Get accessibility to critical operations, real-time reports, and valuable functionalities like receiving products, QC, and more on your smartphone, on the go.

Bills of material (BOM)

Easily handle the complexity of managing bills of material with seamless tracking of different product variants, specific parts, and revision control.


Always have the optimal inventory to support manufacturing and delivering products on time. With Just-in-time (JIT) delivery, minimize the inventory storage costs and order-to-cash cycle.

Production planning

Plan for production with insight into the material, equipment, and labor requirements and dynamically reschedule production with changes in factors that might influence output.

Manufacturing essentials

Bring in the simplicity of ERPNext for discrete manufacturing.

Inventory and supply chain management

Know your inventory needs. Streamline your supplies.

Track your inventory in real time. Easily record incoming and outgoing inventory by scanning barcodes with smartphones or handheld barcode scanners. Transfer stock between warehouses or deliver materials to the production department. Set reorder points and restock when needed. Save vendor contacts, automate vendor performance evaluation, and manage price discounts, promotions, and invoicing. See reports like inventory aging, vendor payments, sales, inventory valuation, and more.

Production management

Execute plans and control output.

Track plant floor performance with real-time data on issue materials, production, and downtime. Check schedules, sub-contracted job status, and floor capacity, and avoid obstacles before they occur. Generate sales orders, manage routing, schedule work orders, do product costing, and fulfill orders.

Quality control

Meet compliances. Ensure the highest quality.

Define control points and have regular inspections at the warehouse and production level, and do QC while receiving products from suppliers. Define specific attribute values for each review, capture analysis methods, and suggest lot/item changes based on the quality clearance report. Have end-to-end traceability for faster audits and compliance.


Super featureful.
Super helpful.

Connected workforce

ERPNext makes collaboration easier with instant chat features, job assignments, project management tools, contact management, and simple tagging features to involve concerned people in a conversation.

Real-time data

Collect real-time data to make informed decisions. With 100+ customizable reports, you can rest assured that you have a deep insight into every operation, from supply chain to manufacturing to sales and after-service.

Cost saving

Automate repetitive tasks, save time and invest somewhere more productive, have optimal levels of inventory, curb inventory losses, and save on inventory storage. Optimize your supply chain and production to save on transport costs and overproduction.

Audit ready

ERPNext for discrete manufacturing tracks every change with audit trails. So, you always know what change was done, when and by whom. This makes end-to-end traceability effortless, making your life and people auditing your operations so much easier.

Better customer service

Build excellent customer relationships with improved service. Get a holistic view of clients and a better understanding of their requirements. Deliver products in top-notch quality and on time. Provide excellent after-sales service and get actionable reports.

Integrate with
other useful tools

Use Dexciss ERP, built on ERPNext, with tools that make your operations more seamless and your growth more powerful.


Most asked questions

Discrete manufacturing is the manufacturing of products using distinct items that can be easily counted and touched. Examples: automobiles, smartphones, furniture, etc.

Discrete manufacturing uses individual items like nuts, bolts, brackets, wires, and more to manufacture finished goods like toys, cars, etc. Process manufacturing uses formulas and recipes to make finished products like medicines, soft drinks, and more.

These seven features are a must-have for discrete manufacturing ERP.

  • Bills of material
  • Production planning
  • Production management
  • Inventory management
  • Quality control
  • Procurement
  • Shipping
  • Real-time access to critical data
  • Improved communication between departments
  • Supply chain visibility
  • End-to-end traceability
  • Effective scalability
  • Better Bills of Materials (BOM) management
  • Improved production scheduling
  • Cost saving
  • Dexciss ERP is on cloud.

  • Lower operating costs
  • Security enhancements
  • Flexibility of access
  • Real-time analytics
  • Easy scalability
  • Better service support
  • We provide support on chat and through tickets. See our support policy for more information.

    The number of users or employees you can create is mentioned in the plan you select. You can always move to the next available option.

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