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What makes us stand apart from a generic ERP system is that we offer exactly what you need, nothing more, nothing less! Off-the-shelf tailored ERPs.

Sugar Plant ERP

Cane management, distribution, and finance. Everything you need in one place.

ERP For Manufacturers

Manage end-to-end operations of your manufacturing plant for enhanced productivity.

Retail ERP Solution

Hypermarkets, supermarkets, or retail counters, manage it all with centralized control points.

Over 150,000+ clients

Our solutions are simple, scalable, and developed to enable you to spend more time on your business than on the software that claims to run them.

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Flexible built-in reporting

We understand ERPs end up being just data entry systems, and you land yourself looking for BI software and paying more to make sense of all data entered into the ERP. Well, not anymore; with Dexciss' built-in BI Engine, you get fast, flexible, graphical reports on the go.

Domain-specific. Ready to use.

At Dexciss, we prioritize simplicity, flexibility, and usability. Our domain-specific solutions ensure you get all the features you need, pre-built and standardized as per best practices. This enables quick implementation and process improvisation using software technologies.

Custom Development

Customize Dexciss ERP to suit your requirements and add the fields and reports you need. Connect plugins to expand its capabilities.

Why is the industry moving towards open-source solutions?

Quality Standardized Product
  • Open source has thousands of developers working round the clock towards a common goal of making industry-leading products. In fact, most of these developers are technology enthusiasts and industry experts, and thus the end product is more robust.
  • Open source is more advanced and updated with current industry trends as its open nature provides the opportunity to modify, enhance, and extend to a greater audience.
Brand Value
  • You know you'd be in good company when you buy open-source software. There are thousands of users, so the company will ensure the proper functioning of the software.
  • You get support from community members worldwide using the same open-source solution.
  • Many users are on community forums as opposed to proprietary software users. You can get direct guidance and troubleshooting from people using a similar setup.

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