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Over 6.5K+ manufacturers have streamlined their end-to-end operations with Dexciss ERP. 

The Industries we cater to.

We stand out by providing precisely what you need—tailored off-the-shelf ERPs, nothing more, nothing less!

Discrete manufacturing 

Standalone cloud ERP software solution tailored to streamline and elevate your assembly line processes.

Process Manufacturing

Optimize supply chain efficiency, enhance visibility, and ensure end-to-end traceability to meet dynamic regulatory and consumer trend challenges.

Retail Stores

Streamline retail operations with our ERP-integrated mobile Point-of-Sale system, facilitating easy in-person sales, payment processing, and real-time inventory updates.

Benefits to Manufacturers

According to Market Research, the average benefit for ERP customers exceeds five times their initial investment costs.


Reduction in operational cost


Increased productivity 


Improved decision making


Why Dexciss ERP?

100% Cloud Solution

Unlock the power of a genuine cloud solution designed to elevate growing companies. Seamlessly connect every aspect of your business in the cloud and experience intelligent, industry-focused functionality.

  • • Handle all your manufacturing, distribution, finance, GST, quality and R&D needs
  • • Increase the number of licenses whenever required
  • • Maintain compliance with ease (GDPR, SOC Type 1 & 2, PCI DSS, and more)

Fully Customizable Solution

As a leading ERP solutions development company, we ensure your unique business needs are met. Our fully customizable services guarantee tailored software that stands out and significantly benefits your organization.

  • • Tailored software development for unique business needs
  • • Close monitoring throughout the ERP software development process
  • • Ensuring maximum benefits and alignment with company requirements

Integrate the Tools You Already Use

Our ERP platform seamlessly integrates with your existing tool, providing a unified and efficient experience.

  • • Hassle-free integration with a range of software solutions, including Shopify, Razorpay, Tally, Google Calendars, and many more
  • • Streamlined workflows for enhanced productivity
  • • Uninterrupted collaboration with your preferred applications and systems

What Dexciss ERP can do best for you?

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