What do customers want and how to give it to them? A much-celebrated question, but what’s the answer or is there even any answer or are we shooting the dart in the dark?

And if we know the answer, is adhering to it the golden ticket to the customer’s heart or is there a twist to the story?

Well, if you were to listen to Steve Jobs, “People don’t know what they want until you show it to them” you’ll think otherwise. Also, it’s seen that most times what people say and what they do are different things. People say they wish to be fit but they love junk food, their dreams differ from their job, and you’ll find more scenarios that prove this in your daily life.

So, is asking the best option or should we progress in the way we do? But what exactly do you take out from the phrase “Give customers what they want” is it the products or services that have proven their worth, that have survived in this fierce market, is it sticking to the known roads, and plunging in the glaring? But doesn’t that mean no innovation, no out of the box concepts, no risk-taking? Imagine a world like that, you can’t right, that means stagnancy and it’s never good, and most importantly it has never happened and will never happen.

There have been many cases where what customers wanted was disrupted and completely challenged with products and services nobody thought of and it turned out there wants are malleable and can be shifted dramatically. Take for example the evolution of mobile phones, transportation, online services, etc everything has seen paradigm shifts in terms of functionality.

So, we are clear that sticking to give customers what they want can be hazardous for growth and successful run of business. But completely snubbing their wants is also not what businesses must do, at the end of the day businesses strive on happy customers. There needs to be a coherence among all forces and create a system that aligns best practices and moves the business ahead.

So, if we leave the pliant forces there are things that are unanimously loved, adored, and lauded. We’ll focus on those in this article and see how you can give your customers what they want without actually stagnating yourself in a pegged vicinity.

Excellent Product Or Service

Nobody wants a product that shouts mediocrity or service that smells like an average half-heartedly cooked meal. You want the best-cooked dish that transports you to another universe and loses you there while your stressed self-sits baffled on the dinner table to wonder what happened?

What I mean is your customers want this effect, they want to lose themselves to your service or product for the while they interact with it. For that, we need to lift our standards and move beyond good and offer great, the best.

It’s something that is a perennial want and would help you change, evolve, and upgrade. Working with the intention of delivering only the best and shifting your focus from yourself to the customers will automatically have many great effects because when the intentions are clear the magic finds its way.


There’s nothing that beats authenticity. If you’re trying to fool your customers into buying your products with false claims then you’re going the wrong way. I’ve seen companies do that with their advertising and when you use the product, the picture is completely opposite of what painted in the advertisement. This is even worse than saying nothing because when the expectation is plunged after pulling it up the mountain the pain is intense resulting in a negative image of the brand in customer’s mind.

Whereas brands that are true to their customers have seen an increase in reputation and sales. In 2014, Mcdonalds started a campaign “Our Food, Your Question” to publicly answer everybody’s questions and run down the rumors which worked wonders for them it garnered views and shares in millions and was hugely celebrated by everyone.

Similarly, Buffer, social media management brand is known for its transparency with everything available on their website like Equity, salaries, revenue etc.

And let’s forget about brands, in your daily life would you want to be with someone you can trust or someone you cannot. You know the answer. Be authentic.

Product / Service That Make Their Life Simple

We buy a lot of stuff we don’t need in search happiness we don’t find. People are searching happiness at the wrong places and if your product only adds to the misery, lying there with no real use, it’s not a good deal.

To satiate your customer’s real need give them something valuable that adds a good value to their life, that helps them make their life simple or better in any which way.

So, ask yourself, What are you selling, a product, service, or some real benefit?

What is the use of your product or service and how it improves your customer’s life?

Asking questions always helps, questions give clarity and provide you with insights you never knew existed.

Here are 70 questions that every entrepreneur must ask himself/herself.

Amazing Customer Service

Nobody wants to stay on hold for an hour, I’ve been through some, and it’s one of the worst things a brand can do for its image. I hated it, while on it I said it a hundred times that it’s the last time I am doing business with them and more that I shouldn’t write here.

A poor customer service is a big NO, like the biggest one. It has an immediate effect, you either fall for the company or you discard it from your list. According to American Express Survey, 78% of consumers have bailed on a purchase because of poor service, that’s huge and according to Lee Resources 91% of unhappy customers will not willingly do business with you again.

As you can see customer service has a big role to play when running a business and as nobody calls a customer care to say I love your product it’s working great, people call you when they are already irked or having an issue with something it becomes more important to settle their unrest and not escalate it.

But I see it in a positive way, more than a threat it’s an opportunity for you to make an impact and garner a following. All it takes is just good, genuine service, and you’ll make a space in your customer’s heart.

If you have any ideas on how we can improve our service do tell us, we’d love to hear from you.


Personalization has taken over and is the talk of the town. While it can be considered an extension of customer service, I choose to point it out separately because it can truly have a significant impact on your brand image. Who doesn’t love being called by his/her name? Who doesn’t love being given things and feeds matching one’s own interest? Everybody does.

And that’s where personalization scores. It plays with psychology and our brain loves it when it sees information confirming its beliefs. So, when you market your products or service with personalized effect. You gain an added advantage and that not only makes you happy but your customers too.

So, use personalization in your marketing efforts and give your customers what they want and like they want it.


Now, let’s go back to our original question, how to give your customers what they want?

It strikes another question, do we really need to give them what they want because do they really know what they want? Maybe, we just need to give them what they need. It’s a perennial and evolving task and one left to play to subjectivity. While, we must not stagnate in the name of fear of the new and untried, there are things that remain the same no matter what but again have we really tried to go a different lane who knows even there might be some force of acceptance and desire?

But where does that leave us then? Maybe with innovation, trial and error.

Yes, I believe we must constantly progress towards the new and original while keeping the intensity low and bearable as acceptance takes some time. For example, the headphone jack, who knew we’ll bid farewell to this once essential and underrated feature. While most phones still sport it, while it was hugely criticized, while I also don’t like the idea (and still quoting it), it has found its acceptance in some groups, and other companies are doing it as well. So, we can see that things change, wants change, people change, so should you, and your strategy.

What Change Are We Working On?

Have you ever used an ERP? We have and it wasn’t a classy experience.

To face the complex and ever-evolving market you need other areas to be simple. Implementing a complicated ERP is definitely not the solution.

So, we challenged the norm by asking questions and then working on the answers.

why the same clumsily designed screens?

Why the poor user-experience?

Why incomplete functionalities?

Why huge fee for every customization?

Why can’t a medium scale business enjoy the luxury of a tier-1 enterprise solution?

Well, many questions just one answer, S.I.M.P.L.E., it is simple to use, economical, modern design, and it is specifically made for specific Industry so you get a system designed for you and no general types, so all you need is just this system to run your entire business without having to subscribe to multiple systems.

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