It’s glaring, it’s visible, it’s out there. There’s no question about it that now it’s barely a sunny day, clouds have covered the sky and are raining simplification. With the influx of these pre-existing but newly tapped mediums for businesses there is a whole new world of possibilities out there and like others, retailers are no different and not behind in seizing the opportunity. As is conspicuous that since mobile phones have managed to reach almost every hand and are occupying a larger part of our day they cannot be further snubbed and left unnoticed, untouched and untapped for the subtle opportunities that they present. Today with excessive competition and endless choices to customers business with same old servings have bored the consumers. To entertain, retailers must jump onto the armoury of today because surviving in this fierce market with the weapons of yesterday would be darn difficult and with the plethora of goods that this transition offers against the little to no incentive that the old ways promise, there seems to be no reason to not want to be a part of this shifting. Let’s see what cloud POS has on offer for retailers.


  • TIME

“No matter how fast we run, time always wins the race.”

Time is limited and is probably the most important and least cared for resource that we have. We must understand the importance of this valuable resource. That’s why I have listed it first on the list of benefits that cloud POS offers. It saves a lot of your time that goes into recording the data and managing your inventory. With the real-time recording of data, you’ll know the exact state of your inventory with fewer efforts. By automating the tasks related to inventory like selecting inventory levels and reorder points you can further simplify your work. So, when you create your purchase orders, items that have crossed inventory levels automatically fill the document. The system not only saves your time but also your customers’ as their time is equally precious as yours. With quick response and  faster billing, your customers are left satisfied. The time it has saved you can be utilized doing other important tasks such as analyzing your business performance, planning to do better and interacting with your customers, getting their feedbacks, knowing what they like and implementing that to get better results.


“We operate best at peace.”

The one thing that we are leaving behind while running mindlessly towards success, towards our “more” is probably our peace. But I believe that these new ways of functioning can help us rescue ourselves. Dexciss Cloud Point of sale (POS), SHOPKEEPER, can help relieve the excess stress that bothers you and not only you but your customers can also have a piece of this peace. For starters, it can help you save money by eliminating wastage with proper handling of your inventory by automating your warehouse to reduce human errors. Also, when you Know exactly how much stock you have and how much you require you can better manage your supply eliminating costly overstock. It also helps you prioritize your needs by providing you details on which products bring you the most money. So, you can keep more stock of them and less of the not so much in demand products. It will lower your burden as all the departments will be integrated and will make it easier for you to manage. You can also very easily manage your staff with inbuilt HR solution. It helps rescue your customers from long queues, the system being mobile can be used to bill the customers on the shop floor itself increasing the number of bill counters without occupying any further space.


You feel weakness with confusion, you feel the power with clarity.”

One more thing that SHOPKEEPER has on offer for you is strength. Clarity has power attached to it. When you know the intricacies of your business, you know every detail from minute to big ones you gain clarity. You can very easily create reports, analyze your business, dig deeper into the analytics see your performance day, week, month and on yearly basis, compare your best with the worst see what went wrong and correct it. See what your customers are buying, promote that, see who all are your loyal customers, recognize them, treat them well according to a report 66% of customers will stop shopping at a store where they are not recognized as loyal customers. Make your employees, as well as customers, feel powerful. When your employees know exactly what’s in stock and what’s not they don’t need to run back and forth to answer your customers and can also easily describe the products attributes by just looking in the system. Your customers will feel powerful when their loyalty will be noticed and their preferences will be kept in check. You can also give special offers to your loyal customers and option to pay the money by various means and split the bill if they want.


“Limit your limitations and you’ll see an array of opportunities you never thought there were.”

Dexciss Cloud SHOPKEEPER helps you move beyond your limited space and limited capturing. It has E-Commerce inbuilt in the system which brings you on the online platform and around myriad opportunities. Your customers will be able to see your offering sitting at home with their mobile phones. You’ll have a 24/7 run, your store will never close. You can also do intelligent marketing by noticing the preferences of customers and giving them offer of their choice. With Email marketing, you can directly reach your customers and have your message heard without spending huge sum of money and time. It also makes it easy for your customers to do the purchase and also the return if the product doesn’t match their expectation making them happy and feel first place.


“Make the world your office, you’ll find no confinement to your work and your vision.”

SHOPKEEPER gives you freedom, it provides you movement. You don’t have to confine your work energies to those walls at your workspace but can freely head out and operate without any impediments. You can see your reports sitting at home with your family watching television, take crucial decisions while traveling and make orders while having a meal at a restaurant and that too with your mobile phone. It helps you stay connected with your business and be there without well, being there.

DEXCISS SHOPKEEPER is designed with the thought of making you reach your full potential by giving you all the resources that can help you transform the way you function for your better. It is a completely cloud-based solution which works online as well as offline. It has E-commerce inbuilt helping you maximize your profits, you can manage your accounts payables and receivables with the accounting module, keep track of your inventory with the robust inventory management module, make your customers happy with excellent customer management.