It’s easy to look over the importance and not realize the need to have a good HR team at place. But it can be the easiest way to lose your track and end up with a team of employees scattered all over the place with minimum synergy spawning from the interaction. To avoid this catastrophic scheme of play and to squeeze the maximum benefits from your human resources you need a great HR team. Following are some valid reasons that prove the point.


You cannot fight evil (deadlines, inefficiency etc) with a bunch of feeble musketeers lined up to get the job done but need a team of Avengers with special powers that are novel to each and create a synergy that radiates excellence and positivity in the work. To bring together such a team of accomplishers you need a great assembler like Nick Fury of S.H.I.E.L.D from the Avengers who notices brilliance and captures it within the organization. This is what a good HR can be for your company. Find your Nick Fury and you’ll get your Avengers.


You could spend hours in the gym training and work out but things don’t come to the place of your expectation until you find that trainer to burnish your practice, to show you the route to maximum growth. That’s true for your workspace as well. Employees don’t come to their shine if not provided the correct guidance, it’s a rarity to find that breed that propels naturally. That’s why an HR who knows how to spread the word, how to infuse that vision the company holds, and review the performance periodically is no less than a wonder for your organization.


“Motivation is like food, you need it every day.” Whoever said it was really a wise man or woman they knew what they were talking about. On the face of challenges, you need to stick the face of perseverance and positivity to better the bad. A good HR knows how to keep his team enthused, to provide them an amicable working condition where growth is the only norm followed. He/she keeps the level of satisfaction one could derive to the maximum.


Organizations are not short of disputes and colliding views which can result in wrangling and boxing with the words, if egos get involved it could get worse. Only until the fireman comes with the extinguisher to set off the fire. Your HR team could save your company from a lot of hurtful collisions with accurate measures.

Trust me there are many to list but you are smart enough, you got the point so we could move on to getting you your Nick Fury (from the first point). What are the essentials of a great HR?


To be a top HR one must be a fantastic listener, one you are compelled to share with. There are certain people who just make you feel at home, your base, where you can delve into your comfort streams, and open up. These are the people who have one real essential quality that nudges the idea of them being your possible S.H.I.E.L.D leader. With being a good listener they should be able to convey their ideas as well. A great speaker can sweep you off your feet and is our potential HR.


We all emit some energy out in the world and that translates into our surrounding atmosphere and vice-versa. To maintain a healthy, happy, and productive environment you need someone infused with good vibes that spreads in the working of your company.


Time is money and if you lose it, you lose everything. Our Nick Fury must have an intrinsic respect for time and should adhere to every minute of it. He/she must manage it to the best and make certain that everyone is doing the same.


A good HR must be business savvy, who understands the different dynamics of the business world. He/she must be thorough with reports, finances, dealings, presenting the company, and must have a sound understanding of business operations.

Now, that we have seen the essentials a good HR should have let’s look around if we can find him/her, well we did, that was quick.

H.U.M.A.N. by Dexciss is a completely different take on human resource management systems (HRMS). It was born out of curiosity and deep indulgence into making something that resonates with the idea of who is the best HR?

But really, Who is the best HR?

Well, we came to the conclusion that it’s one with utmost human qualities and that formed the foundation for our work on H.U.M.A.N which is made up of correct beliefs and stands for the right reasons.

H.U.M.A.N. stands for Humane (he helps bolster the communication between an employee and the HR paving way for a problem free environment), Unifier (he helps maintain an amicable working environment building better relationships), Manager (he will help you hire, train, and retain your employees covering every aspect of management), Analyst (oh, trust me, he is great with reports, he will help you analyse the performance etc), and Nurturing (he knows how to take care of employees with performance appraisals, grievance handling, and ensuring safety.) These 5 core qualities make H.U.M.A.N. the best HR that you can have.

Take a free demo to meet this wonderful H.U.M.A.N. we are sure you will fall in love with him.