Today you no longer serve a place where if you have a good product, you’ll be successful, or if your product is average but service is awesome, you’ll do great. With surge in competition and slew of vendors battling to beat the other down and make name for oneself, it has become imperative that you get A+ in every department be it your amazing product or service, the customer experience, your employees satisfaction, the overall environment your business runs in and creates for those who interact with it.

And one important change that has become absolute common in today’s environment and business space is the cloud technology. It has many benefits for your business and is becoming quite popular in the business world and there are multiple reasons why you shouldn’t be late to adopt this change because it can help you score on every account and up your game.

Here are 7 reasons why you should go for it.

It Saves Your Money

Who wouldn’t love this? If you run a business you know how transformative saving cost can be for your business. How much more can you do when you save on other accounts? According to a Harvard study, 70% of businesses report being able to invest the saved money back into their business and 36% of these invested in bettering the customer service.

When you adopt cloud you get some direct and indirect cost benefits. The direct benefits include reduction in hardware cost, as it doesn’t require any hardware from your side you can reduce or completely eliminate the data centers and heavy hardware you store at your place, also you can cut on the IT staff as it is no rocket science and you don’t need any scientist level expertise to operate and maintain it, you have your vendor and you’re done, the flexibility in cost also allows you to save on days when it’s raining bad, even the cost involved in managing document can be eliminated and also, it is economical compared to on-premise setup.

The indirect savings include the time factor. As it increases productivity and gets it done quickly you save your time and as time is money you sure will be saving a lot of it.

Boost In Productivity


59% of small and medium businesses report having a fillip in productivity because of cloud. As cloud enables your team to be more connected and aware of the happenings in real-time they can be quick at acting upon the work and getting it done. According to a survey by Frost & Sullivan companies investing on services that increase collaboration saw a jump in productivity by 400%,  now that’s huge. Also, it allows multiple members to work on the same project in real-time that helps in getting the work done quickly.



You feel powerful when you are not restricted. That computer is not working fine, no problem, get it done with your smartphone. As smartphones are taking over all other means of technological interaction it is important more than ever that we can choose to work on our handheld devices. I personally love it. Using S.I.M.P.L.E., our enterprise solution is even more convenient and fun with mobile than it is on PC or Laptop. Also, as you can access it on the go and from anywhere with minimal efforts makes it amazing and super productive as now neither the device nor place is a constraint to work.

Effortless Upgrades


The fact that now you don’t need to burn your crucial energy cells fretting over modernizing your cloud architecture is another amazing thing that the cloud technology has on offer. You get effortless upgrades, it’s for your vendor to bother about, they are the ones who handle the risk, and are responsible for every issue occurring with your system. Also, the time taken to enhance the systems are quite low and with frequent upgrades, you stay in line with the top technology.


Unlike popular belief, cloud is more secure. Cloud providers like Amazon, Microsoft, Google etc have high-security standards providing robust security to your data. Also, as your data is no more dependent on your hardware it is in a safer space as now damage to your hardware is no loss for your work and as the documents are also on cloud you don’t have to worry about managing your documents or their getting lost and damaged.



With ever-changing business dynamics, one thing you need for sure is the flexibility to flex your muscles as and when needed. Cloud offers that. When it’s rush hour and you are having heavy traffic you can easily increase the server capacity and vice-versa. So, it makes it easy for you to scale your operations without wasting time and money in the process.

It Plays Better With Data


Your business can really benefit from cloud in more than one ways. It can also be a reason for better and quick decision making. As cloud replaces the old and tired medium of data management to a more sophisticated and advanced means, it equips you with safety, information, and speed. With this means of data management, you can in real-time see advanced reports on multiple parameters enabling you with sufficient knowledge to take better and informed decisions.


Moving To Cloud Is S.I.M.P.L.E.

S.I.M.P.L.E., the most user-friendly enterprise solution ever, is designed to help businesses be at their best. It is micro-vertical specific, meaning a system specifically designed for specific industries (See if it’s designed for you). It is true cloud and has high-security standards with 4 levels of security.

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