Being an entrepreneur has caught the fancy of many but it’s not the wonderland it seems from far, while it has its share of scenic beauty and picturesque moments it also has the travail and dearth.

That’s why from time to time one must re-evaluate the journey. Look back at the footprints and ahead at the distance to be covered. It’s quite easy to lose sight when you’re amidst the turmoil.

Questioning is a good way to circle back to the original motives and check on the deflecting movements.

Here are some questions every Entrepreneur must ask Himself/Herself.

Why I started this Business?

Amidst the turmoil,

Restating your purpose will help you step back from the derailment.

You should from time to time ponder on your original motivation and purpose. Every great business was born because someone wanted to bring a change, someone was ardent about something, and someone wanted to make people’s lives better.

To take lessons you can look back at some of the great people in the business. Steve Jobs started Apple with a dream to take computers to every household, to make them shine in the vicinity of normal people not only the tech-savvy group.

Jack Ma started Alibaba seeing opportunity on the Internet that no one did in China. He started the company with the aim of helping small and medium companies make money.

And like that are the stories of other great businesses, if you don’t have a vision and purpose sunny days will probably work fine but when the storm arrives you might find it hard to find the motivation you can cling to.

Am I wiser than I was yesterday?

Life is a continuous series of lessons when you think you’ve finished, you witness yet another chapter you know very little about.

And that’s why this question seems pertinent as it explores the depth of your lessons, how far have you traveled with your guts and spirit? How much have you challenged your fears? How many times have you been willing to fail but try something new?

Nobody likes failure, in fact, we hate them. No matter how many books we read or how many speeches we listen failure has very little chance to be our friend. But we don’t necessarily need to make it our enemy.

It’s inevitable, unignorable, and more than anything a part of the process called growth. So, next time it pays a visit, try and fetch as much as you can in the name of opportunity that it insinuates while it’s home.

What is it that makes us different? How can we make it more visible?

While it’s good to have an idol and follow their footsteps.

But it’s not good to lose yourself in the process. Everyone comes with their own innate gifts that they must not let go to waste.

Find your source of difference and put it on the cover, it should be your billboard and should enjoy the majority of screentime.

Many falter on this facet. When trying to emulate you can never beat the original, they’ll stand their ground and you’ll search for a small space for which there is already a large queue lined up.

Be original, take inspiration, and come out with your own interpretation.

Am I Happy With What I Have To Sacrifice?

Everything comes at a cost. There’s rarely a long middle in this game of seesaw.

When endeavoring on this journey you sometimes have to leave certain things behind. You sometimes have to be so invested in the business that nothing much of you remains for other aspects of your life like your friends, family etc.

So, taking some time to reflect on the decision isn’t a bad idea.

Introspect on your choices and the outcome in terms of both emotional and financial wellbeing.

Are we even going somewhere or just swirling in circles?

Sometimes progress can be delusional.

You might feel that you’re growing but in actuality, you might just be spiraling around the same block.

Ask yourself the tough questions.

How far have you reached? What have you gained along the way?

If you continue like this how long will it take before you reach your sunshine or at least get a glimpse of it?

How much Quarterly/Yearly revenue are you generating?

Is your Business profitable?

What was your target revenue? Have you achieved it?

Put your business through tight scrutiny and see if it can come out clean.

Here are 70 questions which can make you the best entrepreneur.

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