“I have always believed that the way you treat your employees is the way you’ll treat your customers and that people flourish when they are praised.”

– Sir Richard Branson

It’s rightly put together by Richard Branson that your business starts with its first interaction itself that happens within the premises and with the workforce that is trying to get the pieces together and rolling. If you let loose on how this interaction happens and the tonality of the conversations between your business and the people involved than things can plummet with its face down and that always hurts. But we are only human, and one thing we surely are born with and follow diligently is the act of making mistakes. Even the best minds are not free of this intrinsic property we all share. Below are some commonly found management mistakes made by most new entrepreneurs.


You cannot expect the right thing out of wrong people. Hiring hastily not only hurts your pocket but your brain, your energy, and your time. But it is surprisingly common, most entrepreneur when starting find it extremely difficult to multi-manage and settle the course, and why not? You cannot do everything on your own. You need people, but when you don’t have a dedicated team to hire for you, again you are jumping in yet another stream, stretching, even more, resulting in an uneven performance and ending up with wrong people who are not suited for the job at their disposal. So, when the start suffers from negativity, it mostly rolls further to multiply that perverse effect.


Words Hurt Like a Hammer

What you say has power attached to it, a lot of it, it can either empower or disempower. So, what do you do when someone performs way below your expectations? When someone fails you multiple times? When you see them not being able to understand the task at hand? You dare not beat them down because if you do, it will get difficult for them to get back up. I admit, it’s a whole lot different story when saying is done and the application is up but nobody recharges from negative remarks, it is hard for people to digest negativity, and what happens is when you beat them down (not literally, no violence please!) verbally pointing their poor performance you touch the defence mechanism activation spot, so in there, in every human and that would fail to attain the objective in fact it will blind them of their mistakes, they will not see it, instead you’ll have added one to your haters army.

Instead apply a reverse theory of pointing the good, praising the effort, and applauding the excellent. When you light on the positives they magically surge, now you not only have gained good points in the books of your employees but have infused motivation and a responsibility in them to match up with that praise. Most will try to do better the next time to continue the lauding session they witnessed previously and that does great for everyone. But the lack of experience and the excessive pressure both coincide to expel the frustration on the employees resulting in this common mistake.


While water finds it’s way out you probably will get stuck giving yourself to the flow. At the nascent period, it is very common to not have proper guidelines and rules upon which people must act. The saddled shoulders of the new entrepreneur are already too full to justify any other agreement with their business. Thus, they fail to build the foundation to follow it up with a loose structure that falls from time to time. Not having proper guidelines gives people road with endless directions resulting in the delayed arrival to the destination.


You are not me and I am not you and that my friend is the most beautiful, yet unappreciated thing. We all are wired differently and that’s something I believe demands a celebration, it must not be looked down upon or snubbed, it must be noticed, lauded, and motivated. But sadly most don’t see life as this and one reason can be the lack of time, you already have so much on your plate that one more thought would take you to the washroom. So, the new and fiery entrepreneurs committed to the flow sometimes fail to notice the difference and make operations monotonous across the board making people surrender to the mentioned ways and not freeing them to find the one which makes them super productive.

I personally, don’t like any of the multinational like office settings, because I prefer flexibility, I like movement, both physically and thought wise. I work sitting on the stairs staring outside the window seeing the day pass-by, clouds move, birds fly. It gives me fillip, it makes me feel freedom, it empowers me with choice, and it also gives me a sense of responsibility to commit to my work because as mentioned in the point above when you are given what you like, you want to deliver to that promise that you made silently. And like me, there are all of you who might find their strange productive ways because if we are so different, how can we fit the same process. Not letting people fly to their best, though unintentionally, can suppress their work.

While the good news is that the trend is changing and people, this time the young entrepreneurs are the one leading the movement, changing how things function and allowing freedom to be the motto. So, this basically is a more afterward and experienced entrepreneurs problem, while catching some new ones in its lucrativeness.

Let them free and they’ll shine to their best.


While it’s not productive to put people down with their poor performance but it’s also not good to snub that problem. I have always believed there are about a thousand ways to say the same thing and this notion that more than what you say, how you say it, matters, Stands true in my books. So, not giving proper feedback is also a problem most new entrepreneurs are dealing with and it can be a pain if not treated at the right time. But conveying these messages is an art in itself, a subtle one, and you must keep a note of that.


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