Advanced Cloud Based Accounting and Inventory Management Software in India.

An inventory management software in India automates the inventory update, replacement, sale orders, deliveries, and returns to provide an exact stock position. Keeping a delicate balance of stock and stock reallocation is an art and extremely business-critical. Extra stock in the storeroom than required, increases your storage budgets, resounding costs and run the risk of property an old stock. On the contrary, if you have less stock in the warehouse than required, you will lose orders, credibility, and revenue. We also offer cloud-based accounting and inventory management software in India.
Features of Our Inventory Management Software in India
Real-Time Dashboards
Real-time stock data and reports on your dash help you to make better, faster choices and access info from effectively anywhere.
Comprehensive Visibility Supply Chain
An active tool for complete visibility and control of your supply chain. Improved inventory tracking and control through mechanically updated stock levels when sales and purchases are made.

Lower Inventory Cost

Lower inventory carrying cost by streamlining all the inventory processes and reports.

Extremely customized and instinctive inventory reports deliver a complete view of what has been ordered, brought and purchased. These reports are created to sustenance decision making. Inventory reports permit users to compare data among stock cycles and stores for modified periods. With Dexciss Technology Pvt Ltd., you can speed up your inventory management procedures by using barcode scanners, excluding money by balancing your inventory needs and get more out of your workers by giving them the tools to be more creative. Remove double data entry by participating in Dexciss’s inventory management software with your accounting software and other business solutions.
Alter many currencies into your home currency in purchase orders and sales orders to help with taxes and other intentions. And use production stages in multilevel work orders and bills of materials to make sure manufacturing jobs get done in the right order and fast enough to keep up with demand.