“Once upon a time” This phrase has a special place in all of our lives. We’ve grown listening and watching stories unfurl. Who doesn’t love hearing how Mowgli beats Sherekhan to save himself, his family, and his place in the jungle?

Stories not only enthrall us but they teach us,  they propel our minds to a new level, to a different experience we sometimes haven’t experienced before. One such story is of “Business” a shy, soft-hearted, and honest manager who is troubled by his juniors and is flummoxed by the fact that he has fallen for an employee of his, named “Sales”. But she doesn’t give much heed to his liking neither do the others, Purchase, Manufacturing, Quality, CRM, and Production. He finds himself in a fiendish situation not being able to manage any of them.

But as life has it, every story has a turning point but not always one that is favorable. Let’s find out if Business will win Sales and his employees or not in this poetic story, “Where’s My Hero?”.

Also, you’ll find the video version below.



“A manager,
Trailblazing, sharp, and honest,
He is hard working and modest,
But is awkward socially,
His name is business,
Trolled and hurt emotionally.”


“Electrical Manufacturing is his forte,
Under him work a group of roguish,
Uncontrolled, unbalanced, pranksters,
They all hate business for being so idyllic,
They are called production, purchase, manufacturing, accounting, and marketing,
And one is sales,
She is special, sweet, and the dream of business,
He wanders and requests them to be together,
But they scattered, no matter,
He is dismal and pulled down,
But one hope he still crowns,
To win sales, he dreams,
A life unseen,
And one day the eyes meet, all went,
While they are left.”


“Business stands far and stares,
To confront, is the biggest dare,
But he volumes his thoughts,
Powers his posture,
Voices her name,
In praise, it came,
He smiles, and then she,
Stars giggle, moon shy's,
Sun cools down, on mars rains ice.

And she walks closer,
He unchains his thoughts,
And let them fly to her,
And a date is proposed,
She looks at him, quizzed, puzzled,
He stares in hope, anxiety, amazement,
All run in pair,
She looks down and a no she utters,
His eyes go wet, and he proposes a message in his stare,
She blinks and then the goodbyes,
Stands alone, waiting, praying,
For she might turn back and abide,
But she speeds to the door and exits,
Business smiles in tragic,
Misery, heartbreak, but poor he still believes in magic.”


“All wait for the bus,
Quality, production, marketing,
They all chit-chat,
They laugh, calling business mad,
And the bus arrives,
They all hop in,
To take the ride,
The bus crosses the office,
And there he is, business,
Welcomed to the frame,
While they speed,
He proceeds sluggishly,
Walking home, thinking of the rejection, unluckily.

And then a ray of light hits his eyes,
And he shuts to manage a little bite,
He is amazed to notice the sight,
A suitcase, fallen, slightly open, between the rocks,
It lies,
He walks closer,
His steps stagger,
He questions his mind,
Dexciss he notes, written on one side,
He opens the suitcase and everything turns bright,
Light, light, and only light,
And appears he, out flying,
His cape swinging,
S.I.M.P.L.E. he wears,
He appears to have a new glare,
A big smile,
And a heroic presence,
He flies off quicker than time,
Rounds the moon,
Mountains he climb,
And S.I.M.P.L.E. he wears,
With his newborn shine.”


“And then he hears the voice,
Of those far off,
The bus that hangs off the cliff,
Slipped into uncertainty from bliss,
All managed to jump out,
While sales still hangs,
She might fall, they all chant.

Hearing this comes flying, the business,
All eyes lit up, attention spent,
Help, help! Sales howl,
Trouble looms, a meal in full bowl,
They notice and shout, it’s business,
A person once timid,
And he flies down, his cape swinging,
Extends his hand, the peril,
An alarm ringing,
Sales stutters, her words slip,
Her eyes talk, fear they speak,
Sales might fall, they all chant,
Business wearing S.I.M.P.L.E.,
Bents, extend his hands,
His hand touches hers,
She grips, fear all, she might slip,
But they flew up and up in the sky,
Having stars as their ally,
All were clapping and the cheers were ample,
Business once discarded,
Was now positioned in chapel.”

“Sales still fears, business hears,
Rests her worry,
Oh, my dear,
She sees a hero,
One so near,
Her eyes glisten,
Cupids they appear,
Eyes meet, a connection felt,
He drops her safe and sound,
Where everyone stands,
He waves them bye,
While they awe,
He flew off,
To a place, stars are where,
Business has no worries as now S.I.M.P.L.E. is there.”

Like everyone, every business is a product of love and so, deserves better.

Give your business what it deserves.

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