Oh! great Universe, “it would be great if it were possible to have a MAGNET to attract customers, in times so stern.”

The Universe, “Oh! dear friend what if there already is?”

The road is more stifled than ever, the crowd is more distracted than it can ever be, loyalty has plunged to being a rare quality, there are more attempts and actions than what this space could suffice, hence most die without even a glance falling upon them. In this tough time companies need more than what they’ve had so far, they must be mending their ways to find the right ways that work in this period. Customers need more than some smart electronics answering them in banal modes without a hint of pliant conversation that drive things forward.

So, for a period this convoluted we have designed a MAGNET that changes everything. You can attract, retain, and multiply your customers using MAGNET.



Nobody loves being generalized and made to lose their novel identity. But that’s exactly what a large number of companies do unintentionally when dealing with their customers. They narrow them down to steps and procedures that remain the same for everyone. But today you are in a market with stiff competition. Where customers are smarter and choosy and one thing they absolutely can’t compromise with is the quality of service and treatment they receive from the company’s end.

While nobody likes being generalized everybody loves personalisation. Giving your customers a personalized treatment designed around their needs and behavior can skew them towards your services and can help build a stronger bond between the two.

But how to personalize?

Well, not a big task when you have magnet working for you. It helps you garner information about your customers storing every single transaction of words and materials for future reference. When you have every single detail about your customers documented accurately and effectively being available at a touch of a button anywhere anytime you can serve your customers with the dish of their choice. When you make your customers feel that they are known and taken care of they feel special and attracted to your services.


There’s a lot more that goes into cracking a deal than what is visible. A lot of tasks and travail come together to make for a happy customer out of these tasks a lot are redundant. MAGNET comes to the rescue, it saves a lot of your energy and valuable time that you could spend turning more prospects into customers and more customers into loyal customers. It automates all the regular stuff bringing in efficiency, accuracy, and speed to the process.


Have you ever been on a customer support line where you had to explain the same issue to numerous people numerous times? How was the experience? Well, I’ve been on many and trust me it’s irksome. It’s a disaster if you are doing it to your customers, they’ll pass on you. Great service involves great solutions with minimal efforts from the customer’s side.

With MAGNET you achieve exactly that. The system helps you track every necessary detail of your customer letting you and everyone in your team know about the exact process, stage, and the issues that the customer is going through, helping you serve better without having the customer to repeat the same issue multiple times.

Also, the system makes sure that the mode of communication is never the problem. You deal with customer queries in the way that best suits your customer it can be a phone call, text messages, email, social media, or even by arranging a physical meeting.


With so many people vying for the same objectives there has to be something that helps the other vault over all others. That something probably is marketing. It’s a real necessity nowadays and that’s one of the reasons we have consciously made it an essential component of MAGNET. With it, you can expand your reach and attract even more customers to your business. You can design amazing mail templates and send them through the system itself and it will present you with awesome analytics which include details about how many people actually received your email, how many opened it, when, with what device, how many times etc. So, reviewing that you can improve your performance and raise the bar

You can also do calls from it, it will help you record the crux of your conversation so next time you can start from where you left. Likewise, you also have the option to send text messages, surveys, create campaigns, and even host events. Want to see it live, take a free demo!


The best way to move towards improvement is through continuous efforts and assessment of those efforts. You can strategically multiply your growth when you have the knowledge of what your efforts are paying you. MAGNET boast great analytics and reporting functionalities which can help you see your performance and understand what needs to be overhauled in the simplest form possible. The reports are available in multiple forms like a bar chart, line graph, pie chart, etc. These will help you and your team to strategize your next move.


While analytics and reporting help us look backward to move forward, forecasting helps us visit the possible future which is helpful in preparing for what’s to come. MAGNET has wonderful scientific forecasting abilities. It learns from the previous sessions and predicts a possible future which can help get an idea of the revenue generation, expenditure, sales, leads, etc of the next month, two months, quarter, year etc. From this knowledge, you can effectively plan and be ready to avoid any last minute panic.


Enhance the quality of service that you give your customers by resolving their queries in the shortest period they’ve ever been exposed to. Who hates waiting? Everyone. Time is precious, be it of anyone, so naturally, your customers will boil to their worse when made to wait for long before they find their issues resolved.

With MAGNET you can provide your customers with a quick solution and a smile on their good looking face. When your customer visits your website or portal to report an issue the representative will immediately retrieve all the necessary information and past records of the customer helping him/her to understand the complete picture and discovering the solution therein.


Not only is it important to have a robust communication with your customers but also among the team members. With MAGNET your teams can communicate smoothly and effortlessly with multiple options like chat, email, and call available to them. To make these transactions, even more, smoother we have some amazing features like the follow option that works the same as any social media app like Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.  You can follow a particular project, department, team member, customer, document etc and whenever there’s an update you get a notification, isn’t that amazing!. With this effortless movement of information from one space to another, your teams are better collaborated and have a winning synergy.


Why stay limited to the workspace to be working when you have the resources available to transcend those confines and help you work beyond borders? Today the market demands pliancy you have to be ready to start your operations wherever you are. With MAGNET you have all the information readily available to you at any given time at any place on any device. That helps you in getting more done with the freedom to move around to explore more possibilities.


We believe that no two people are exactly the same even when they appear so and similar is the case with businesses. That’s why we don’t support rigidity, the systems that are designed to make you frame to their ways and not for them to mold to yours. MAGNET goes in line with our beliefs as to what a system should be, it should be an object of ease for you, that brings simplicity and amazing functionalities that help you excel in your business activities. MAGNET is completely flexible and reshapable to meet your exact needs. It is also completely scalable you can choose to add more functionalities or deduct some.


MAGNET, as you read, is an amazing system to help you form strong relationships with your customers and to attract even more of them. But it’s not the only thing that we have for your awesome business. S.I.M.P.L.E. our complete enterprise solution is designed keeping the intricacies involved in running a business in mind. We realized that the current stream of enterprise solutions like ERP, CRM, HRM, POS, ECommerce, Tally, etc are either incomplete or offer a difficult user-interface that makes it really difficult for the user to get smooth on the system.

That’s why in S.I.M.P.L.E. we have given prime importance to improving the user-interface and making it host complete functionalities so that you won’t require buying multiple Softwares which are even more complicating. The other important thing that we kept in mind is pricing the product. Most enterprise solutions are either too expensive or they offer a really poor experience when the price is comparatively cheaper. We want this system to help as many businesses as possible and that made us price it really economically that doesn’t hurt your pocket. If you wish to know more about simple click here

We recommend you take a free demo and let our consultant guide you through the system showing you how effective it can be.


Yes, you, we have an amazing opportunity for you. As we wish to take this genius system to more people we want more awesome people like you to join us in our journey.


Because you want to be rich. It’s an amazing system and out there is an amazing market. We have different schemes for you where you earn differently which like all our processes is flexible because we don’t like rigidity.


You can click here to contact us or you can directly email us at sales@dexciss.com