“Everyday just passed by seeing her walk,
While she could fly,

She can run,
But she slowed down,

No not you control her steps,
But her heart that’s attached,

Everyday just passed by seeing her walk,
While she could fly,

It’s her heart that still beats,
She could run,
And she will,
Though sometimes she chooses not to,
And she won’t,
Not that she is weak,
But it’s her heart that still beats.”

Being surrounded by women, I never resonated with the phrases, “women are weak”, “women are for ABC work” or others like these. I don’t know their whereabouts, I don’t know where and how they originated, I clearly have no idea how they sprawled like a virus that it infected almost one-fourth humanity but I have hope that it will change if not in near future but in the years to come.

Being surrounded by women, I realized that you don’t always need to communicate your travail, you don’t always need to show off your multitasking skills or your day to day accomplishments, you can just do, and have peace in completion. You must not just focus on self but surrounding, you must not just speak but listen, you must not just communicate but love.

Being surrounded by women, I don’t only see the heavy-lifting they pull off on day to day basis with ease but their struggles to at least have their steps left visible and not vanished in the cloud of lost hope. No, they don’t always want credit but they also don’t want that look, that clearly dismisses their hard work.

If checked with the workometer, I clearly fall far below the women that surround me. But still, they let me take pride in my accomplishments, they let me feel worthy of the comfort that follows the work, the comfort that yet again is an endeavor for them, that yet again obliterates few hours of their day.

Being surrounded by women, I can see their growth, I can see how many women leaders I meet on errands or meetings. I can see how many of them get listed in rankings that list most powerful people. I can see them struggle and win over narrow mindedness, I can see them raise voice against injustice, and this fills me with joy.

Being surrounded by women, I also realize that no matter how unclouded or uninfluenced I believe I am of misogynistic ideals, I falter at some levels.

I am as imperfect, as unfiltered, as unedited as this post. I am flawed and I know that and that’s why I left the post as it is unedited with all its flaws which is difficult for a writer. But we’re so used to brushing ourselves up, of polishing before the showcase that we never realize how much at falt can we be. Until we come to terms with acceptance we won’t come to terms with correction. And we must correct, we must change.

It is far from being an equal world and I say that for both parties. Sometimes it favors the men and sometimes it favors the women. But hopefully things will change for the better and we’ll reach real equality.

If that doesn’t happen, hopefully we’ll reach a point where it’s fair for all, as my female friend once said “we” are not equal and for her points I agreed we can never be.

But above all, today is a special day as it celebrates all the roller-costery journeys that have brought us here. I, on behalf of team Dexciss would like to wish a very happy and fulfilling Women’s day to all the wonderful ladies out there, you all are amazing.