Believe it or not, life is paradoxical, it collides from time to time to sprinkle the broken pieces to places you never knew existed. This paradox runs into various streams of which life is formed. One such stream of muddled wishes and reality is business and is formed by its originator (the entrepreneur) who runs through this stream falling and flying at the same time to dispense one’s part to this extension of life. The top three paradox of wanting and having in entrepreneurial world are these



Every business person in his/her heart has a sacred space reserved for all the praise and likes of people interacting with their business in some way or the other. It’s high time we admit that we all crave praise and we love every bit of it, doesn’t matter how wee it is, we happily take all in without hesitation and gulp every last drop of it still having room for more. But in snubbed reality, it’s not the praise that our entrepreneurs are after but the attachments it comes with.

Yes, it’s not the praise alone but the added feel of doing something bigger that comes with it. Every business is born out of a purpose to either feed its originator or to change the game, to own something in a life where nothing is actually owned. At least, that’s what one sees when endeavoring on this journey. But the paradox lies here, while you might feel that you are pushing forward to completely change the game, you are only going a little further because nothing in a true sense is original anymore. Everything is inspired, born out of already existing ideas or materials becoming of service. But still the feeling that you’re doing something novel does give you a fillip and if that’s the case why hamper the progress when it’s born out of a benign cause. Let the feel of change be your impetus who knows you might eventually land up at a novel land.



Every person wishes to have loads of it and our entrepreneurs are no different, in fact, they are proactively working towards it. This again is a negating stance where the entrepreneur at the nascent stage collecting and counting sums to further their endeavor wishes to save as much money as possible, to cut cost, in hope to earn more return on it. But as the game of money goes, you need to loosen your grip to find that blossom point where your expenditures are on the positive and good returns side of the balance sheet.

Yes, you need to spend to earn. How paradoxical is the nature of money, but that’s how it is.



“Some are aware of it and some, they just don’t accept.”

We all know it somewhere deep down within us but just find it bewildering to accept. We all crave challenges and they are the ones which keep us running wild and healthy. But we also fear them, we don’t want their existence in our lives yet we are so attached to them that we can’t live without them either.

The thing that keeps the entrepreneurs on their toes grappling for more is this. They absolutely love the challenges that come with running a business, though when faced with one they might frown at it, demean it, hate it to the core, but cannot at the same time resist the temptation to give in to this challenge, to engulf, to explore, and to come out winning not only the challenge but a lot more that keeps them driving further on this elevated path.

We Live the feel every day

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