Rapid Implementation Methodology

Dexciss follows the hybrid form of Implementation Methodology which is tried and tested successfully worldwide. It includes various phases like Commit, Project Initiation, Analyse, Master data, Configure, User Training, Cut Over and Go­Live. Once the project is Go­Live, there is Post Go ­Live Support team which helps the Users for any kind of Functional or Technical Issues dedicatedly for a month.
Now let’s have a brief introduction to all the terms defined above


At Commit, We at Dexciss align a Project Team for the entire project activity and they are the one who is responsible for the project till GoLive phase. It is a subdivision of stages in which we involve our project team in making a project plan which gives a brief idea of the timeliness or Deliverable Milestones.
Project Charter is being created in this phase in which Goal of Implementation, ProjectRisks, Expectation and Object is set for the Internal Team and the customer.
A Project Manager has to be aligned with both the parties for the entire project. Both managers will discuss the Project Stages and Responsible Matrix.

Project Initiation

It starts with Project Kickoff meetings, sharing of tasklist to both the parties, load sharing, Check if any rework is required in Project Plan, Providing the User Manuals to the end users to have a look and feel of the System which helps in understanding the system prior to the usage.


During this phase, a Consultant, and a Sales Team member will visit the customer site for the Discovery phase. In the Discovery, the consultant will understand the process, locations, or any other requirement which needs to be mapped into the system.

Once Discovery is done, Consultant will create a Project Discovery Document and share it with the customer and approvals are required to proceed further after this stage from the customer side to check if one to one mapping is done or not.

Then we deliver the Discovery Visit document to the customer and this document is known as Design Specification document. Every time a deliverable is sent by the Project Team it has to be approved by the customer to proceed to the next stage of the project. This approval has to be done by the Project Manager and Project Manager can ask for any modifications in the documents if required.
In this phase, we also analyze if any rework is required in the project charter which was created at the very early stage of the project.

Master Data

This phase starts with the Data Import Templates, which our project will send out to the Project Manager for the entry of Customer Data into the system. This Data Import is done via some predefined excel sheets. This will help users to import their old records into the system and helps in manual efforts. Dexciss will be responsible for the Data Import and Training for Data Import Templates to the end users. It will be a one-time activity through which users will be able to move their data from old system to the New System with least manual efforts. Once Templates are handed over to our project, it’s their responsibility to check and validate those entries and let the customer know if everything is perfect or not.


Configuration is a part of the project wherein the consultant and the technical team starts building the environment for the customer with respect to the Data provided by the customer and the discovery document provided by the consultant. It includes the setting of the system, server, user access rights and the Data Import into the system. We check and modify the workflow as per the documents created and then our testing team will execute dry run for the configured system to make sure everything is in place and no faulty data is imported into the system. Testing is done on various aspects such as duplicate data, faulty data, User access rights, Configuration. Once all the settings are done the system is set to take off for the User Training sessions.

User Training

Classroom sessions are conducted on premise or Online as per customers requirement for the User Trainings which covers all the functional part required by the department. Each user will be provided training in the focused area and general part of the system. UAT (User Acceptance Test) signoff is required at the end of the training program from all the users who are trained in the System. Mock drills and tests are conducted to check if the user has any doubts or is fluent enough to start working with the new system.


This phase happens just a day before GoLive. In this phase, We import all the data and Opening Balances entries for the system to make it on the same page as compared with the current system. Just a day before Go-Live Data is being imported into the system and Users will be asked to use the new system for all the functions from next day onwards i.e., we call as GoLive.


This stage is considered to be the final stage of implementation wherein Users will use the new System and all the functions are now being performed by the New System (S.I.M.P.L.E. 14.1). Our Consultant would be available for this activity onsite and will assist the user in case of any doubts or concerns during the entire period of GoLive.