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From Lectures, attendance to Assignments, Hostels to Canteens and From Library to Transportation. All solutions under one roof.

Reduce the manual efforts of Invigilators…Go Online with Dexciss
Manage examinations very easily with Dexciss Exam Management module. It offers great deal for preparing the time table and generate the Hall tickets for the student. Moreove you can manage the rules and regulations of examinations by settings up exam and rules by this feature.


Teachers can assign assignments to the students and students can upload a soft copy of their completed assignments for review. Not just that, with S.I.M.P.L.E. for Educational Industry with features like assignments alerts, due date alert, review and marking you will never miss an assignment again.


Dexciss helps you manage your Library Centrally with various features like Online Library card generation, Select Card type while generation of the library cards and manage library board. With this module, Librarian will be able to track the records of the books issued and due dates of the issued books. Enhanced your library management with separate Student and Faculty login to view the available books in Library. You can also request a book or any asset from the library via placing an online request.


Manage multiple courses running in your educational institution with ease. Automate admissions, let students register and pay for the courses of their choice, and eliminate ambiguity by making the process fast and simple. With automation, you can save your staff a lot of their time which they can invest in more productive endeavors and can also focus their attention on raising the level of education.


Electronic attendance has many benefits over paper for everyone involved, from center owners, directors, and coaches to parents and guardians. It helps centers manage ratios and stay compliant. It helps centers present attendance reports quickly during facility inspections.

Fee Management & Finance Package

Track enterprise-wide financial data and manage institutional budgets. Manage complex billing needs for varying populations and programs with ease. Benefit from real-time financial systems integration. Control access to critical information and eliminate duplicate data entry. Increase productivity and accuracy with time-saving features. Integrate financial and student records for reliable access to current information.