About Us


We were in the field of ERP system since 2010 and our passion only grew with time. The more time we spent with different enterprise level Softwares, more we understood how well can they help you grow your business. We started looking them with respect and stopped calling them Softwares. They were more than that word! They are your navigators like GPS because they know each and every road ahead of you. The only difference is the data and it is more dynamics in that respect.

We evaluated about 23 Enterprise system to select the best ones out of the list. We found many but they were all expensive and it is not just the cost of the ERP system itself but the total cost of ownership which includes Softwares like computer OS, SQL Server, Office tools like the spreadsheet and word, reporting tool, etc. And then the license costs for the SQL server, RDP, ERP system, Office tools. It just doesn’t stop there – you should include the cost of computer hardware, network and mobile devices needed to make the investment work. This means it is not easy for everyone to deploy an ERP system Let alone the competency to setup all the above that means an in-house IT for a manufacturing unit.

Then we came up with the idea of open source. We evaluated and found that it has a lot of potential that is untapped. We evaluated many open source ERP system but they all lacked one basic thing; quality. They would break if you install any community app and if you don’t then you are left with a system that cannot do what you need.

We don’t like to whine about things so we stood up and created Dexciss.
We took many open source applications and build a complete packaged solution for particular industries. We knew we are not big enough to hire 5000+ developers spread all over the world with knowledge of various disciplines. We knew “community” was the answer. We carefully selected 3500+ applications made by the community and enhanced them, tested them and then integrated them. What got made was a great packaged solution which could not have been made without 1500+ community developers all around the world. Someone made a specialized chemical module, other made e-commerce and yet someone else made textile modules. We selected each one of them, packaged them into a deployment ready package and tested it out. We also enhanced functionalities based on our experience and added some unique features to make it stand out amongst ERPs. We named it S.I.M.P.L.E (strategy, integration, management, productivity, longevity and economy)

We want to remove the HOAX that enterprise software solutions are only meant for Big budget Industries. Instead, it would be pocket-friendly and will help you to grow your Business. Our Product is 100% scalable and doesn’t require expensive licenses.

We are a team of enthusiasts with a similar passion for providing best industry solutions to make running your business less effortful so that you focus your energy on growing it. Build on the ground of sound industrial knowledge, we provide services to streamline your process, identify bottlenecks, improvise existing processes and generate useful reports. With the aim of giving business leaders macro vision and tap on every opportunity to grow.