“Should you invest in enterprise solutions is not a question, they are a necessity now. The question is when?”

ERP projects are massive, if not in terms of the financials than in terms of the impact and the change they bring to your business. And for anything that reshapes your existence, you must ponder.

Let’s look at the top three reasons why you should think hard before you invest in ERP.


1)  Sometimes Being Ready Is Not Ready


You’re sleeping with a smile, everything is smooth, and your business is growing. And then your “oh, why don’t you” friend comes over and tells you that, why don’t you get an ERP it will help you grow faster?

You jump out of your seat and think, why didn’t I have this idea before?

You search with excitement, take demos, and are sold with the offering. You ask the vendor to complete the project in 1 month, they hesitate.

“No, three months is a lot of time.” – You say

They give in, and you both settle for a near impossible task to get the system live in 2 months.

What happens after that is a roller-coaster ride that ends up with a lot of people scratching their head.

Anything done in haste is a thing wasted with mediocrity. Do not go in with unreal expectations and in a rush. Plan it out correctly.

It usually takes a good 5-6 months to get the project properly live. It can go live in 3-4 months, but you need to go in with a buffer time because projects of this enormity can have unseen impediments.

Also, while a paradise like picturization is appealing to the brain and soothing to the senses but the reality is a bumpy road on a rainy day. No matter if you ride or you walk, it will be a little pain.

There will be hurdles, you will feel stressed, there will be deadlines going dead, and an experience if viewed on the big screen, no less than an edge of the seat thriller. Well, that may be an exaggeration. But it does have an up and down narrative.

So, ask yourself are you prepared for the turbulence? Can you afford a few missteps to gain in the larger scheme of things?

Enterprise Resource Softwares are essential, they offer great help, and can help your business reach its best but every great thing comes at a cost or at least with sheer unshakable dedication. Are you willing to invest that level of commitment right now?

If you are, then as I said earlier, go in with real expectations, it’s not a fairytale where one would swing the magic wand and flowers blossom.

Give it some time, go easy. Expect things to go wrong sometimes, and yes, do not forget to enjoy the process because when it’s done, it will really help your business.


2) You Are The Other Hand


An Enterprise System implementation as we’ve already covered takes time and not just to implement and be available for use, but it demands your time as well. It’s just like clapping you need both hands for it, and in this case, you’re the other hand.

So, do you have the time at your hand to shift your focus from your usual work to this process? You’ll need to be the guiding force that propels this Ship.

Do you have people whom you could dedicate for this process?

Ask all the possible questions before you submit to the temptation for getting better at managing your business.

Once you see yourself ticking all the possible questions, you can go ahead and jump in with full dedication and put every effort possible.


3) What Are Your Employees Saying?

You are all too excited that the system is about to go live and things will go back to smooth again. But while your excitement knows no border, your employees are planning something else. They choose to go with their regular ways, and now you’re baffled as to what now?

Most wars are first fought at home.

Sometimes resistance comes from within. After dealing with all sorts of highs and lows, the last thing you want is a no from your resources.

Your employees will need some time to get used to the enterprise system. It’s not a new smartphone you’ll learn by goofing around with it. It will need some training and dedication from your staff.

As things change, we resist, we hate change, and that’s the way it works. To adapt, it takes time, and a lot of certainties, that’s what we crave for.

So, look inwards, are your employees mentally prepared for this change?

Though sometimes no matter the resistance what’s best is best, and you have to go with it.

There’s a high chance that people will revolt the change, but when it’s right for your business, that should be the factor you look upon.

But this can be avoided if you choose a system keeping the users first place. Obviously, what would you do with the great functionality that no one knows how to run.




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