Get your leather jacket, striped jeans, and the sneakers on. Wear your coolest shades and get on your Harley Davidson. Take a ride home and change the look.

Before we invest ourselves into the how-to’s, let’s do a quick skim on the Who is.

So, who is a Badass?

No, not that fancy looking, masculine guy or the Harley Davidson riding, tattoo sporting women. In fact, it has nothing to do with looks.

You can be a badass wearing your pajamas or not wearing any (that would be really badass).

The badassness originates in the mind. It’s a thought process rather than a projection.

It is amazing. Once you’ve hacked your brain, you’ll realize that life is really simple.

Let’s look at the 5 traits that make you a badass entrepreneur.


1) Take Earth Shattering, Mind Numbing Decisions Like You’re Immortal

Most great things die of fear.

Be fearless because most of what you fear is imagination. A bad one.

A Badass entrepreneur knows what he/she’s after and isn’t afraid to call it a go even when the conventions say otherwise.

All good things happen after the decision is made. To stand out as an entrepreneur, you must be decisive and consistent. Don’t digress at every turn.

Some decisions will be tough, and that’s the point. The difference between a standard entrepreneur and a badass entrepreneur is the knowledge of inevitability and proactiveness to act on it.

Some defer some snub, some act. Be the one who acts.


2) Break Hierarchy Like It’s Your Favorite Pastime

Don’t fight for position.

Tags create barriers, unseen, shatterproof, and unproductive.

A badass entrepreneur knows that you don’t need too many levels of hierarchy or the feel of a boss to be the leader. Instead, you need to stand equal and let your people flourish and improve in your company.

They need you to be there, praising, uplifting, and motivating them.

Make the communication as easy as possible. A smooth flow of ideas can create magic and who doesn’t love magic?

Richard Branson, a true badasspreneur (I know it’s not a word but…), knows the value of great employees and leaves no chance to show it to them. He keeps his employees first place and designs the policies around their welfare.

For example – no bar on leaves, 1 year paid maternity leaves for both parents, and yes, regular fun activities.

Make sure that there’s enough room for your employees to breathe and be the best they can be.

Do not micro-manage.

Let them fail and get back with more power.

Create an environment where ideas are appreciated.


3) Know Your No. Yes, Your Yes.

Know what you want. Define it in the clearest, concise, and accurate manner. Put pen to paper and stick the note on your wall.

To be a badass, you need to befriend no.

When you say yes to something you’re actually saying no to everything else.

So know your cause and take action that supports it.

There are enough distractions in life. Those devious little cute looking beasts, don’t let them decoy you.

This is, yeah, I already do that, simple when said and ah, I thought it would be a good thing to try, difficult.

This sometimes means saying no to projects, turning off sales, losing a good funding opportunity, and not making many friends.

But it also means being great at what you do, being content, having happy customers, creating a loyal base of like-minded people, reaching your ultimate goal faster than what you would have. Also, making some amazing friends.


4) Be Calm Like A Badass Monk

Stillness is awesome.

When you stop rushing, you focus.

We are all caught up in a perennial whirlwind. Swirling back-and-forth.

But what if you choose to stop for a moment. It will feel amazing and be empowering.

Let calmness eat you up. Be the monk, the badass one.

Don’t resent, instead forgive, don’t overthink, instead try. We are all imperfect beings and if you’ll judge with your perfect expectations, you’ll suffer.

Don’t let tough times tire you up. It’s when you grow the most. Subscribe to positive thoughts, do yoga, find time for family and loved ones. Go holidaying.

Enjoy life.

“Sooner or later, you’ll regret it if you spent all your time at work.” – Jack Ma

Absolutely, all work, no play. That’s boring.

And a badass is never boring.

Whenever life troubles you, think. Ask the right questions. What is troubling me? What can I do to make things better? What makes me happy and why I am not doing that? How can I do that?

Every problem has a solution only if you stop panicking.


5) Fall In Love Like You Can Die For It.

But obviously, don’t.

Do what you love, it’s that easy. Yes, it is easy. Now, most people will frown and disagree, there are challenges and this and that. But if you really think, is it so?

We humans are really good at giving excuses, like the best.

And our silly yet smart brain deceives us into believing that our limitations are real and every excuse that we give is justified. But honestly, it is not.

I too am a culprit and I too sometimes feel barely breathing under the pile of excuses. But I realized I do that and hopefully, I won’t in some time.

You can read about the life of all successful people, it has been no less painful than yours. All they had was determination and belief. You have that as well, unlock it.

When you love what you do, you are willing to go all in. You put in extra efforts to learn more, achieve more, to become the best.

If you don’t know what you love, try things, find what interests you and stick to it for some time, and if you find yourself immersed in the experience, that’s your baby. There’s no rule to just doing one thing in life, you are free to try, you are free to explore.

And if it’s not so obvious. No worries.

Our passion develops for things we become great at. So become great at what you do. Love will happen.

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