With work pressures surging, phones buzzing, and our forever occupied existence we are left with a little opportunity to contemplate. But amidst the whirlwind and ear spanking noise, there’s still hope for a total turnaround.

Following are some really simple and effective features of the enterprise solution that can make your day to day operations a little smoother and your life less complicated.

The Follow Option



We’re all too familiar with this feature, of course, we live in a social media dominated world. But while it lives an opulent and prominent life in the social world it is yet to make its mark in the business world.

But this currently snubbed feature offers plenty of opportunities to plummet your workload.

So, first let’s understand what it actually is?

This is same as the follow option available on any social site the only difference is here the subject of following are your business projects, employees, meeting etc.

How does it help?

When you follow say a project, you get notifications relating to that project. Every change, progress etc will automatically be updated to you saving your and other team members time and effort involved in communicating the same.

This has dual benefits, one it saves a lot of your precious time, second, it keeps you updated in real-time without any human error.




Yup, another familiar sounding word. If you’ve ever logged into any social media channel, you know what a tag means and what it does.

But anyway, here’s how it fits in the business context.

By giving tags to any profile, product, customer, or any other information, you can easily bifurcate them or search them later on using these tags.

This also helps in getting specific reports out of the gargantuan mountain of information that the system holds.

And the best part is it’s really simple to create, at least in S.I.M.P.L.E. All you need to do is type in the tag you wish to create in the tag field and click enter.

Global Search



This is yet another really cool feature.

You can save your time jumping from one screen to another and get directly to the desired screen by just typing a few initials or the complete name anywhere on the home screen. You’ll get the list of all the items that match the search, click on the one you want to open, and that’s it.




This is probably my favorite feature.

It’s such a simple yet essential feature. A chat option for internal conversations. You can chat with any of the other employees in the company with an account in the system. It can be helpful at times when you need to ask certain information, pass on orders, or any other important conversation that needs to happen can happen on it in real-time.

Also, you can exchange links, images, etc.




Apart from all the other battles that human is battling against there’s one more hiding behind its subtle appearance, the information overload. Yes, too much information is as bad as no information, how much would one digest?

To consume to the capacity of one’s digestion, you need to cut down to the exact dish that satiates the hunger. That’s where the advanced filters come into play.

You can search any item or any information based on multiple factors such as name, letters, tags, location, email, currency, create date, created by, campaign etc.




You can easily create surveys that can be used to improve customer service, get marketing insights, and improve employee satisfaction.

It’s really simple to create surveys of your choice with multiple text line answers, single text line answer, multiple choice questions etc. You can also set questions as mandatory or optional.

It even has the option to expire the link after one use or to be able to be used only internally in the company or used by anyone who has the link or used by only those to whom the email is sent.




The system records logs at the bottom of the screen.

These are recorded every time someone makes a change in the record.

This has the date with the change made and by whom.

You can also manually log an internal note or send a message to the followers of that account. To add relevance to the information, you can add attachments to the message or logs you create.



With almost everything going mobile life has suddenly become more accessible.

The true benefit of the modern enterprise solution is its flexibility. You are not restrained to one set of environment but can operate out in the open air.
This involves two things one it being cloud, you can easily switch to it when and where you want. And because it works so smooth and swift on mobile, you don’t mind doing it.




When all the complicated and deluge of information is compressed down to beautifully woven lines and graphs, it resembles art.
Enterprise systems save you a lot of time. You can on a click of a button generate easy to read and valuable reports which can push your decision making to another level.



Imagine entering all the data you have into the system one entry at a time. Nightmarish, right?

That’s why this simple feature is of immense importance. You can import all the data using excel sheets.
You can even export the data already in the system in multiple formats as per the requirement.


The following features are part of S.I.M.P.L.E. and may or may not be available in other enterprise solutions.

Want to try them out yourself? click here.