“It was the glossiness of his dream that propelled him forward to start his own but the pretentious bubble had no mention of the challenges to come which struck him by surprise.”

Starting a business is a very personal choice, a gutsy one and it’s rooted deep within somewhere where the reasons are sprawled over a large area of logic, dream, motive, inspiration, compulsion, obligation etc. But running it is a more intricate topic, everyone can start a business not everyone can run it successfully. What it takes to run a business is more than just material wealth it takes a part of you from you which becomes an expression of your voice and if you’re willing to relinquish that part of yourself to your subject you’ll have a fairly nice time riding this ride but not if you forget to take care of these aspects because abreast the right brain lies the left one which demands a suffice logic and reasoning for every action.  

If your business fails to deliver on these facets, then there’s a lot that needs fixation


A business is not just sales, it ain’t just customer management, nor is it only manufacturing. It is everything. The divide and rule is a bad strategy when it comes to running a friction-free business. You departments must interlink and have a cooperation that speaks volumes about the smooth flow of communication and knowledge that one department must transport to another. When having an incorrect and error-prone transfer of information or even the correct one with an improper or delayed timing, it can consume your positive efforts to leave a less than satisfying result.


I love this quote by Albert Einstein that,”If you’ll judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree it will live its whole life believing it’s stupid.” It opened my eyes and I see a different world in front of me, one with excellence coupled with poor choices which sadly outshine the former. But it does tell us a lot about how much greatness is out there for our use, for progression, the only wall we need to break is of choosing the right one which I agree is more grueling a task then only the sound of it.  But if you suffer from a poor working team, look closer, yup, you’ll see it they have “IT’S JUST A JOB” written in bold letters all over their body. It’s hard to see it at a glance but you eventually land up in front of the signboard when awakened with bad reports, poor quality, unsatisfied customers, delay, and yes excuses.


While it always hurts when someone gives it to us like it did when we were kids with a deluge of behest lied in front of our parents to see only a few come to pass, sometimes with a blatant no and sometimes with a delusionary yes. But I am starting to realize it was never a bad word, it had saved us many a time. So, why be wary of it?. Well, answer this, are you the person with his/her yeses lying on their sleeves? If well your favorite word, YES then give yourself some room to fit in the no’s somewhere. You won’t realize but the abundant yeses will slowly translate into a potential problem. So, slow down, take in only that much that you can digest otherwise vomit is the likely result and it’s yuck. I don’t even want to write further, Next point, please.


Did you see that movie? It’s a great one. In one scene the Joker stands in front of a mountain of cash delivering dialogues to the sidekicks and then burning down that pile. I don’t know if it’s the right analogy but that’s the first thing that came to my mind and I believe in filter free writing. While we are nowhere close to being the joker, that extreme, but it somewhere is a loud exaggerated version of our wasteful expenditure. If you are ending up in a debate with yourself on how to suffice your expenditures than you need to read this. Maybe, you’ll get some ideas on how to cut your cost.


Where To?

While it’s adventurous to go out and find your own way as you move but it comes with a possibility of getting lost. Planning is crucial and if you’re moving with the flow then soon you’ll find the flow diverging into streams of the unknown and you’ll be stuck with a question, now what?.

So, why not be proactive in setting your destination with your maps on. See before you move and bring the most out of the opportunities that you’ll cross on the way which you might miss when you have your brain fixed on finding the way itself.


If your work likes to stay in the comfort and confines of your work door then there’s a problem. It’s not always possible to be there physically in your office to get the job done, you need movement. Sometimes, you’re just out when something important strikes, now there can be two option either you jump in your vehicle and rush back to your office, toiling, inconvenient, and so 90’s or you could just unlock your mobile phone while you continue to enjoy your meal with your date and get everything fixed within minutes. Ensure mobility for your business to stay right on top of your game.


While we all need introspection to gain lucidity, we alone are not the subjects of it. Your business needs it as much as you do. If you are lacking the power that great real-time analytics provide, the benefits of having the awesome new easy to read reports and the enormous information you garner out of that, you will soon be left behind by your peers. Give your business the care and the actions that it requires to blossom into its complete wonderful self.


While challenges in life and business are inevitable, you can’t do much but face them. But the intensity with which they hit you can be reduced significantly with befitting measures. To do exactly that we have S.I.M.P.L.E, which is designed with a purpose to resolve business issues and help in smooth flow and management. It does everything like integration, human resource management, accounting, manufacturing, planning, reports, sales, purchase, BI etc. It gives you movement and pliancy to work from wherever you are as it is a true cloud, it adjusts to your needs and is completely flexible with a design that is designed for you. It does a lot, lot more some of which you’ll find here.

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