While machines are slowly invading the business space, it’s still largely human.

If I ask you what’s the most important thing that keeps the business running what would be your answer?

While you delve into it for some time, let me give you mine. I believe it’s the human potential.

All things aside, if you don’t have a workforce that holds your business together, chances are it will fall apart.

Yes, that’s the value your employees add to your dream. They are literally putting in the travail to keep your vision and dream floating.

While it’s one way to look at it. The other would be to hire people whose aspirations match yours, even the slightest mix and match can create magic.

Hiring people who have the same dream no matter in different format makes it easy for operations to run with buttery smoothness.

But the story doesn’t end there, it’s not even close to the interval. Now, the real challenge starts.

To keep the team intact and in force.

“People don’t leave bad companies, they leave bad managers.” – Marcus Buckingham

So, if you have a high attrition rate then surely things are not all hunky-dory and an immediate action is required.

Introspection, one on one sessions, and questions, befriend them.

Here are some for starters – 

Why, How, & What? 70 Questions That Will Make You The Best Entreprenuer

The other thing is to use technology to your advantage.

Implementing a good end to end HRM solution can help you streamline your operations and empower your employees with details and choice.

But just getting into it with surface level knowledge is not advisable. You need to have a correct sense of what it can be for your organization. Where and how much should your expectations be invested in the project?

Taking these things into consideration will help you put the right foot forward.

Below are some things you must consider before implementing the HRM solution.

The Purpose

First thing first, what’s your purpose of implementing the HRMS?

To begin with and this isn’t just limited to HRMS but to complete enterprise solution implementation. You must have a clear idea of your requirement because that is how you’ll be able to find the solution that meets your need.

The Financials

You must have a budget for the system.

Going in for the look-out and testing every other system without having a defined budget will only lead to a deluge of time wasted. Yes, you must if you can keep the budget a bit pliant as sometimes the desirable fit lies in the offing.

The Functionalities

What are the must-have for you?

If your focus is directed towards the employee benefits management then the functionalities of importance for you will be of creating and managing wellness/rewards program.

Similarly, if you’re looking for employee engagement then your aim should be to have a proper communication and improvement channel. The system should provide better feedback, learning opportunities, and be able to predict the employee’s progress.

If the focus is on having a robust information management then a solution that has a lifecycle management and has a self-service portal should be the choice for you.

While in most cases you’ll be needing all of these it’s good to list out your priorities.

If you’re looking for an end to end functionality then you must have the following heads –

Recruitment – under this head you must be able to handle the complete end to end recruitment cycle.

Attendance – It should either be integrated with biometric or have the attendance module to record employees attendance.

Payroll – Reimburse your employees for their hard work.

Appraisal – The system should be capable of managing appraisals.

Leaves – The system should have leave management in it.

Employees Database – This is where all the employee information is recorded. It should be a self-Serviced portal.

Surveys – You must be able to create surveys for appraisals etc.

Expenses – This head will help your employees update their expenses on the business trip or other related purposes and for you to approve, reimburse, or decline the request if not valid.

Chat – This option leads to a smooth and effortless communication across the organization.

Dashboard – Where all the important information is available at a glance.

Calendar – This will help your employees schedule a meeting, set alerts, and important reminders.

Appraisal – The system should be capable of managing appraisals.

Leaves – The system should have leave management in it.

Employees Database – This is where all the employee information is recorded. It should be a self-Serviced portal.

Surveys – You must be able to create surveys for appraisals etc.

The Engagement

With a slew of options available and the buffet set for aspirants to take a bite from each. The state is worse than ever.

The attrition rate is skewed upwards and the engagement is on a plunge.

So, it becomes important more than ever to have a proper system in place that surges engagement.

The employees must feel comfortable and at ease to pass on their feedbacks and grievances.

A system that sports anonymous ratings, surveys, gamification, and easy communication tools should be on your list of desirables.

The Growth

Now the work landscape has changed drastically from what it used to be. The working style has changed. The workforce has changed.

And so shall change the way they are managed.

A system that helps you do the following is one you must side with –

  • Goal setting for individual as well as team
  • Goal tracking for individual as well as team
  • Progress tracking
  • Self-help portals
  • Reports

The Usability

This one is evident yet snubbed.

How on earth can one plan to better the productivity and infuse simplicity with a system that only speaks one language, i.e, of complexity?

You must go for a simple to use system no matter the caliber of your staff.

A simple system with powerful functionality is your partner, look for it.

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The Consultant

The team assigned for implementation must have some experience.

It always helps to have someone who knows the answers and has a flair for asking good questions.


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