It’s a given that complexity only surges problems and plunges productivity and positive energy so important for reaching maximum potential. Managers worldwide suffer from this conundrum and are fighting hard to surmount it to levels that possess simplicity. But knowing that complexity exists is one facet of it, doing something to transcend it is another. But already stifled with workloads and pressures, managers find it fiendish to even try.

But giving up is not an option especially in today’s market where things change in the blink of an eye. You need to come up with ways, innovate, and pull weights to stay in this game of survival. So, to make it less lengthy a process for you, here’s the starting point, done and ready to use. Find your mix and match or apply all of these to simplify your business.

Who’s Your Manager?


While it’s great to have someone to look up to and report, it is so old-fashioned. If you’re running with too many layers of management where A needs to report to B even when he has to gather information from D, you’re falling behind. Cut it short, let the lines open, have everyone ask, report, and discuss with whomsoever concerned. When you have managers with few people in the team, it becomes an obligation for them to invest their inputs on everything, they micro-manage in an urge to participate, to feel justified to their role, and this route is going downhill.

Have as few hierarchical levels as possible and even if you do have too many and can do little about it, loosen the grip, let people breathe, let them converse, and do it as quickly as possible.

Well, I checked Out 20 Mins Ago


Oh, it’s been 50 minutes already and it feels we’re halfway there, No they still have 5 issues to discuss, my god, I am done. Yeah, these long meetings do this. Do you know that 37% of employee time is spent in meetings and that 39% of meeting participant admitted feeling sleepy during a meeting? Yup, what a waste.

You get it right? Minimalize your meetings, have a pre-decided agenda and keep to it, have your time fixed to 15-20 minutes for your meeting, and if possible avoid them completely, discuss it like Steve Jobs on a walk or in a lift or wherever you meet in between.

What? You’re On Page 17


Are your teams running on different pages? If you have departments working in isolation with other department’s work, then you’re running so 90’s. Well, guess what this is 2017 (ending soon!) when are we planning to integrate?

Have your departments integrated so that work flows smooth and easy having no lags because of improper information. This not only betters the speed of work but also minimizes redundancy and errors.



Don’t work, because something will. Subscribe to modern magic, automate your work. Why waste your precious time and energy on repetitive and automatable tasks? Use technology to your advantage and your time for real productive tasks.

Hire Superheros.


It’s easier said than done but when done it’s a blessing. Spend time on this one, disqualify, disqualify, same, same, and same. Yes, you are the one. Stop at who you need and you need awesomeness.

Enough SunBathing, Now Enjoy The Clouds


Do it quickly and in real-time. Take your business on cloud, it has many benefits like reduced IT cost, less delays, more scalability, security for your data as it no longer is dependent on your hardware, more and easy collaboration as you can easily share your important details with other important members no matter their location and flexibility as now you can access your data from wherever you are.

Move It Out Of Your System


If there’s work done better when outsourced, it better be outsourced. There comes a time when doing something by yourself consumes more time and money and that is when you need to look outside for a solution.

What Are You Waiting For? Let’s Make It Simple.


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