With many advancements in the way we communicate with things and among ourselves, it has become a prerequisite for every other thing coming in this frame to match the pose. Customer interaction with businesses has evolved and become simpler opening doors to numerous modes of communication and services. It has become quick and effective and operations have become more intricate yet simplified at the same time. To run a business at such speed and diversity infused dimension it needs its operations done at the same wavelength. And as is the case with everything the systems used to run businesses have also evolved. Cloud has made it possible for businesses to record its worldwide transactions in real-time and to see their effect on other facet of operations. It has become a prominent player in keeping pace with today’s needs and now it has become so common that it’s no more a breaking news. But still, there are many businesses wary of this change and have not adopted it. Here you’ll see 5 must know benefits of this form of working.


Cloud systems help you go the minimalist way. It helps you de-clutter the working space and exclude all those things which occupy unnecessary space and attention so you could focus on more important things. With cloud you don’t need to worry about purchasing and maintaining the servers, nor do you need to hire people for installing, configuring, upgrading, and maintaining the software. It is all done by the vendor which not only saves you a lot of money but also your time and energy which is left free to be utilized in more productive and efficient manner.


Cloud provides you a platform to elevate your business to greater levels by increasing productivity, efficiency, and overall quality. It provides your business with simplicity and ease paving way for a smooth flow of communication across departments. The real-time data provides you with all the important details that you require to take important decisions without any delays. Also, as your business scales the system scales with you, it is very easy to increase the capacity of your system by just increasing the license and the opposite is true as well in case you need to step back to move forward.


One of the best advantages of cloud probably is that it transcends confinement, it removes boundaries and instills the explorer spirit. You don’t need to limit yourself to the walls of your workspace but can operate, command, direct from anywhere around the globe and from numerous devices running the internet on them. Because it is so malleable and can easily be molded according to your changing requirements you can explore new dimensions, look for change, try out new ways and scale easily without any bumps on the road.


Things are moving faster than ever. Trends are changing, competition is rising and customers are moving, trying the variety from this endless buffet. To make your customers come back to have another slice of your offering you need to give them that extra. You need to fasten your response, you need to react quickly to queries and you need to take quick and better decisions. Cloud from the word go gives you that speed it’s implemented relatively quicker than the on-premise enterprise systems and it automates most of your work making it fast and without human errors enhancing the quality. With real-time access to data, you can take more informed and quick decisions. The system also helps respond to your customer query in a faster and more organized manner keeping them happy and satisfied.


It feels good to feel safe. Similarly, with our belongings, our work we want it to be secure and in protection. The good thing about cloud contrary to belief is that it’s very safe. Your data security becomes the responsibility of the vendors you subscribe to and trust me they know their work. Mostly the data centers are hosted and maintained by the top and trusted names like Amazon Web Service (AWS) and Microsoft Azure who make sure that the data remains accessible to you in a safe and faster medium.



So, it’s clear that sometimes you need to MEESS it up to declutter, make clear and simply improve. S.I.M.PL.E by Dexciss is cloud and is Designed with a vision to simplify. Its strength lies in the fact that it’s so abundant when it comes to functionalities that it serves every department of your business yet is so simple and uncomplicated to use that it feels like using Facebook and to top it all it looks cool as well. To believe it you need to see it. Experience simplicity, experience excellence. Connect with us, we’ll show you how it can help you.