"He who ran his own race won a thousand grace,He who fought their battle, got his neck throttled,
He who flexed his muscles to bend in front of fear,was left alone in the crowd to be a mediocre."

There are some things that are unanimously loved and wished for but how come only a few ever get their desires fulfilled. Maybe, because everyone wishes but not everyone tries. Everyone wishes to be more productive, to get more out of their time but end up seeing their wish fade with footprints of unfulfillment left as scars of disappointment. But is there a way that functions for the majority? Is there a pattern or patterns following which we can reach our abundance?. Maybe, there isn’t. As we are so many and so different with a variety of taste conjure our cravings that one dish cannot satisfy the entire lot. So the ways cannot be adamant but should be pliant and reshapable. Here are some of the ways which might help you be insanely productive. These are all tried and tested methods, I’ve laborated myself through the process and have visited progress. There probably aren’t any ways which work unanimously in their exact form, so the process should be subjective and molded according to the parties desire and fitting. Make them yours and you’ll see light at the end of the tunnel.



Once I had a debate with friends on perfection. While they stood against it, I vouched for it. Maybe, it was inspired by my own love for perfection. I indeed am crazy when it comes to writing, it has to be dot perfect. But what is dot perfect in this imperfect world? There’s nothing like it, my work was never perfect and probably will never be because there’s nothing like “perfect”. It’s subjective, it’s improvable, and it’s in the past. As we move ahead what we once thought was perfect suddenly seems flaw full. So, why chase this delusional water in a sprawling desert. While it improves our quality, it reduces our productivity. It does more bad than good. Perfection makes us fear mistakes, if not handled properly. It encumbers us levels below our actual capacity because until we believe that we have perfected something we are not confident about it and when we are not confident we are afraid and well below our truest potential.



That’s strange!! You obviously are awake, that’s why you are able to read it. Yes, it is pretty strange that even after being awake we are almost sleeping, that’s why time slips from our hands and we are left saying that year went too fast. The truth is, though, it never was fast we were too slow. By being awake, I mean being conscious of our time and our expenditure of it. I started it as a recent exercise where I note down my time and activities done in that time. I’ve made a timesheet for myself to be aware of my expenditure of the most precious resource. With it, I am able to revisit that time and see how I spent it and if there is scope for better allocation then I can do it because now I cannot make that excuse I don’t know where time slipped. It makes you aware of what needs to be eliminated, changed and improved.



It’s a pretty cool concept and the best thing is that it works. It’s a busy and botched up world we’re living in. We are buying more than we need, we are doing more than we’re supposed to do, we are investing ourselves in more spaces than we could suffice. While minimalism can be applied to all spaces of our lives, to be productive we have to apply it in our choices. We have to do away with work that doesn’t contribute in any way to the fulfillment of our goals. By limiting the work that we are supposed to do and only choosing necessary ones we’ll be better able to focus our energies on our dreams. When our energies don’t scatter in areas of no progress we can direct them towards the accomplishment of the important. So, the next time whenever you find yourself surrounded by activities that you know don’t make a contribution to you reaching your pinnacle, say no.



There’s no better way of being productive than to actually exercising towards it. What I mean by it is that there’s no better way of making muscles than by working out for it. We often surrender to the false ideas that we are not able to do it or we won’t be able to do it. We can do it because anyone can. The best part about being human is that we can learn anything, only if we don’t give up. So go for it whatever you wish to do, do it, no matter how bad you are at it, you’ll eventually improve.



Even machines want some rest, my God we’re Human. Working to levels of exhaustion won’t do any good, in fact, it does the opposite. Give yourself time to recover. Don’t just go out working for straight 8-10 hours take breaks to multiply your productivity, even small 10 minute breaks would do. Sleep for 7-8 hours to work your best. After some time of working our productivity takes a dip which is natural and a sign that we should give ourselves some rest to recharge our batteries and come back with full force.



And here’s a bonus lesson. Bold may not be beautiful but is definitely productive. Fear often comes in our way towards productivity. We often succumb to the thoughts than we do to reality because it’s never that bad. Fearing the outcome,i.e, the future limits our performance,i.e, the present. We get so focused on what all can go wrong that some things actually do. So, the most important thing that hinders our progress is our fear of the reaction that we think our actions would garner. So, to reach the ultimate level of productivity we have to find our space beyond the realm of fear.


So these were some ways in which you can be insanely productive if you own these techniques and make them yours. Apart from being productive in other facets of life, one in which we really do need to enter the realm of productive “we” is at work, in our business and for that we have designed S.I.M.P.L.E, it’s not just a product but a way of working. It is made up of the key components that by adding to your business you can experience growth and amazing simplicity. The system will help you garner real-time data and reports to know the nuances of your business, it also helps you minimalize by automating most of your work saving time and energy to be invested in more important work, it also saves you a lot of costs as it is the perfect refinement to enterprise solutions with which you can replace all your solutions like ERP, HRM, CRM, POS, E-COMMERCE, it has refined features of all these apps and a lot more than everything. Know more about S.I.M.P.L.E, the easiest way to be productive at work.