We live in times of perennial change and everything we interact with comes with an expiry date and this date is shorter than ever. Like any other thing, your ERP comes with a dedicated shelf life and once crossed it becomes a burden than a solution. While signs sometimes seem to subtly enter the board it is often clear when you need to move on and align your working to match the pace the world is moving at. If you come across these signs then it’s time, you review your ERP and make necessary changes.

When It’s Just Your Team That’s Making Efforts To Keep Things Working

A good relationship is one where efforts flow both ways and when it’s been long since that has happened. It’s time you sit and discourse. If your employees need to mend their ways to surrender to inefficient and slow processes to meet the needs of your working ERP, then clearly you are losing a lot of time and productivity, not good for your business. Your ERP needs to be flexible to mold to new processes and procedures which are in line with the current dynamics and are a must have for better working.

Not On Cloud. Still?

While your competitors are flying high and fast, are you still stuck in the traffic down there? Technology is changing faster than time and to match up with it you need to be on your toes, aware, and diligent. The cloud tech has several benefits that you must seize to better your working like it’s faster and has no restriction to space of operation. You can easily access your work from anywhere around the globe saving your crucial time. Also, it saves you money and efforts as it has no requirement for heavy hardware.

You’re Just Too Different

It takes some time once you know if your fantasy coincides with your reality. You might think the system you subscribed to will run in accord with your business operations and novel movements. But then you wake up and the dream slowly blurs off. It was never configured to move your ways and the excitement and the nervous energy got you and you never were able to notice it until it was too late. If this is the case then there no point debating if you need to move on or not, you clearly do!

If It Gets Too Complicated, Quickly Untangle

A little complication is part and parcel of every relationship, it’s there, it has always been. But when things get over the top and you feel stifled with the burden of keeping it running, then it’s better to wave goodbye and separate your path. A complicated user-interface and unnecessarily convoluted process structure are only causing you problems. If that’s the case with your ERP then better shift to one that has a simple and user-focused environment. Because if your users are facing issues using the system then no matter how good it is functionality wise, it’s no good for your productivity.

Some Relationships Cost You A Lot

You subscribed to an ERP in hopes to plunge cost but it turns out it has turned its face against you. When your ERP starts to prove costly causing errors, delays, and impediment to your regular flow of things it’s time to end this relationship and go for some cost-effective solution.

But after it’s clear that you need change how significant it should be is another question.

Will an upgrade be enough or do you need a completely new system?

While an upgrade often proves to be less lengthy and taxing you sometimes reach a space when it’s just not enough. Here are some things which can help you clear the clouds 

When to take the relationship to the next step (Upgrade)?

  • You have good relations with the vendor and you’re happy with their service
  • When the changes to improve your working are minimal
  • When there is a significant difference in the time and money you’ll need to invest in the two options
  • When your team has clearly fallen for the existing system and can operate it with their eyes closed
  • When the upgrade offers excellent functionalities that satiate your every need

Sometimes no matter how hard you try, things just fall apart. So, just move on.

  • Your vendor no longer supports your ERP software
  • Even if they do, it doesn’t matter because they are just plain bad at it
  • The upgrade is no match to that new solution. Aww… you can’t stop drooling on the way it moves.
  • The user-interface is better and a lot simpler
  • When there is no significant difference in cost and time involved in complete shifting
  • When it feels like you are made for each other
  • When it offers excellent functionalities that are bereft in that upgrade

After you’ve gone through this dilemma, you can go further and take the best possible step.

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