“There’s fight and there’s fear in complications and there’s peace and there’s beauty in simplicity.”

Our life has become a cluttered mess where things that don’t matter consume a huge chunk of our presence. Our visions, our attention are distorted and disjointed running from one vicinity to another searching for comfort in the realm of pompous possessions which add little wonder but more misery to our yet be to be the desired life. But how did we bring ourselves to this stage where serenity has become an intricate matter and complications are the way of life? How have we come to this point where perverse thoughts rule the most part of our day and constructiveness is a rare act?

It all happened and is happening because we are taught to associate happiness with false possessions which on the face of it seems satisfactory and healthy but are nothing more than a fake news. We also tend to divide our attention to multiple endeavors and happenings which leave us being nowhere but in the land of the lost. Our presence is compromised and at risk of dying completely. We are stretched beyond measures and in no time will lacerate if not controlled.

So, how can we own back what was ours? How do we simplify this overly complicated life?. We minimalize, we surrender, we focus, we choose, and we give.

“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.” – Confucius

It’s true that life is actually quite simple and we unnecessarily make it complicated. But the good thing is that if we are the ones who make it complicated then we can be the ones who simplify it. Simplifying our life, extricating the knot will help us live a more happy and fulfilled life where value supersedes number. There are certain things which you can do to get back to simple. Here are some –


“When our attention is divided, the quality is compromised, and when quality is compromised our happiness is minimized.”

In this age of distraction, the one with complete attention is actually the one who is truly rich. For the most part, we are living a distracted life. When was the last time you were truly there where you actually were? I believe, it must have been a long time before or never for most people. We are constantly running, juggling, and living in some other stream. Our mind is the best architectural genius ever witnessed. It’s complex, it’s powerful, and it’s flexible. But for most, it becomes a weapon of destruction rather than the source of peace. It controls us rather than we controlling it. So, the first thing to a real happy and simplified life is to take control of our brain, to teach it focus, presence, and attention.

The first step to reaching the point of focus is to realize that we are distracted. So, notice your mind wander, see it go places, and then bring it back home. Some examples of we not being present can be in classes where the teacher is teaching something and we are imagining something else, in conferences when the speech has no resonance with our mental presence, while talking with someone and constantly thinking what we’ll say next not paying attention to what the other is saying. There are numerous more because we are mostly in two-three places at the same time which erode the quality of life and drains our energy.

After noticing your mind leave and seeing the pattern you can devise a more robust plan for yourself to get your attention back. While you do that, here are some things which can help.

  • Walk for 1-2 hours every day. It has dual benefits. One, you end up being healthy. Second, you become more attentive. This personally has served me really well. I have noticed when we walk we get to notice things we never noticed even after crossing them a hundred times. That’s because we move so fast that we get no time to truly see a place. We get so focused on the destination that the beauty the journey holds is left unnoticed. So, walking a place, you get your focus shifted from the destination to the journey, you feel every step, you become conscious of your surroundings, you consume the environment, and you become present.
  • Don’t think too much. Practice silence for some time. Start slow, dedicate 5 minutes every day to closing your eyes and focusing on your breath. Set your alarm clock for when you can gift yourself these amazing, focused 5 minutes. It’s difficult than it seems, trust me I have tried and failed and is still trying. But it’s fun and is really effective. It also helps you know more about yourself as you see your thoughts walk in weird directions. But above all, it’s worth it.
  • Don’t multitask. Multi-tasking robs us of our effectiveness. It degrades our abilities and fools us into believing that it’s progressive. Our mind is not wired to attend multiple activities at one go. We can only focus on one. So, when we are doing 2-3 things we are degrading our minds learning capacity. We are exhausting our brain. So, stop doing multiple activities but instead do them one by one and you’ll see the quality improve and also the speed will get better. It’s a fallacy that multitasking helps finish work faster where it’s really the opposite.
  • Sleep well. It’s such an important activity but so underrated especially in today’s busy world. We never hesitate to compromise our sleep for anything on offer. But by cheating on sleep we are cheating ourselves, plundering our attention. Lack of proper sleep can have many perverse effects on our body one of which is the poor level of attention. So, to better your focus, to be fully present, you need to have a good sleep routine in place that keeps you energetic and lively.

By adopting these simple ways and more like these you can get your focus back and can simplify your life bettering the quality and happiness derived.


“Do you possess your materials or do they possess you?”

We are driven towards an erroneous mindset where materials are worthy of all the lauding for the happiness caused while the real heroes sit back watching the false take the limelight. We are constantly running from one shop to another buying stuff we don’t need in hope that one day we’ll find that store that sells happiness. But that’s the thing materials don’t cause happiness at least lasting one, emotions do, humans do, experiences do.

Stop collecting unnecessary material that only sits at your home occupying space. If you go around looking you’ll find a lot you never use. The excessive clutter and filled spaces also rob our mind’s attention and often cause anxiety and nervousness. It makes us fall into the vicious stream of futile purchases which to others interest look mesmerizing but for us, they do little. It makes us go back to stores and buy items over and over for the cameo of happiness that makes a brief entry after the purchase. But it all fades away with time.

To realize that true happiness is not found in products. Ask these questions.

When was the last time you missed jeans you bought some 5-6 years ago?
When was the last time ruminating about your first phone bought smile to your face and happiness to your heart?
How often do you miss your first computer?
If given a chance will you go back to your old items instead of new ones?

Materialistic things rarely carry value in our lives. They seem necessary but in reality are not at all that important. We don’t miss products we miss people, we miss experiences, we miss moments, and they are the true source of happiness.

So, when you declutter your possessions, minimize your stuff, you free yourselves from the chain. How to start?

To begin minimalizing, start noticing. See the stuff you use most and the one you never use but are there taking a part of your energy. Then any item which you haven’t used for the past 6 months give it away. It will cause two positive effects. One, it will make you happy as it’s been proven that helping others make us happy. Second, it will free up your mind and space for important and valuable work and possessions.


“All it takes is just one step at a time.”

Work takes a large part of our life and is a major reason for most of the stress caused. It probably has little to do with the work itself but more with the way we work. We take on more than we could do. We commit to more than we could comply and we juggle more than we could handle. These overestimations and over indulgence of us into our work is what causes misery. We need to change our work style to make it a happier space for us to be in.

To our relief, there are ways in which we can simplify our work and be more productive.

How to simplify the work?

  • Make clear and short goals. Don’t run a 50 km marathon if you never even ran on a 100 meters track. Start small, you don’t need to do all at once. Take task one by one and goal by goal. Be clear on your approach and your destination. When you set small looking, less daunting goals for yourself you’ll feel less pressured. It will improve your mood and the way you look at the task and will also surely better your effectiveness.
  • Celebrate small accomplishments. It’s really important that we give ourselves the pat regularly. It helps in keeping oneself motivated.
  • Clear your workspace. Are you surrounded by items that constantly distract your attention? Clear your workbench, minimalize the setting keeping only the required items in your view. When you have too many things there on your bench your focus is affected without your knowing and it consumes some of your energy. That’s why we should have only the system or whatever we are supposed to work on at our disposal.
  • Plan, plan, and plan. Map your steps. Know where you want to go and how you’ll reach there. Mark checkpoints. When you know your what, where, and how you tend to be less anxious and more motivated as you can see your progress. Also, according to science, there are better chances of us achieving our goals when we have a clear understanding of what we want and how we’ll get it.
  • Prioritize. What’s the most important and the most tedious task of the day, finish it first. Delegate the work which you can so that you can focus on the most important task.
  • Take breaks. Work in short intensive bursts. Work with all focus for say 25 minutes or 50 minutes then take a break for 5 min or 10 min. Repeat.
  • Automate. We are living in the times of automation. We must use it to the fullest. Use technology to your benefit to get most of your work done. So, that you can utilize that energy to do more productive tasks.

By applying these simple strategies you can simplify your workspace and feel more motivated and exuberant about your work.


We truly support the idea of simple living and making things simple to lead a more healthy, successful, and satisfying life. This being the base we started our work to make running a business simple. And after closely observing and living the working of various businesses and studying multiple systems designed to help businesses function, we found magic, we designed it. No, it’s not a magic wand using which things would simplify but we do have an excellent system.

S.I.M.P.L.E (Strategy, Integration, Management, Productivity, Longevity, and Economy) as the name suggest is an out of the box, simple solution for businesses unlike the traditional ERP’s and various other enterprise Softwares which instead of simplifying the work complicates the environment because of their poor user interface and difficult and limited functioning.

It is designed micro-vertical so that it becomes an exact solution that meets your every need. It’s completely flexible and molds itself according to the changing needs.

The idea is to give your Business something that becomes a part of your business and helps you carry your operations effortlessly and accurately recording every minute detail which becomes a crucial data helping you take better and more informed decisions. It frees you from unnecessary complications and repetitive work that consumes your energy and important time.

Try it for free to experience the magic of simple working and see how beneficial it can be for your business.