Passion, drive, excellence, hard work kept aside the most important thing that propels the business forward is the cash that it holds and naturally it is something that should be a source of thought shaping for your company because it directly affects your business life. While getting a fillip in the cash flow is always a wonderful and rejoicing establishment but that is not an everyday scenario and even if you find your monetary property growing it doesn’t take long for that moment to arrive when you find yourself battling somewhere in between the swirling expenses. If not cared for and planned properly you end up losing grip over your cash matters plunging to a crunch. But even small practical changes can drive big positive results and that’s what we’ll discuss today. Below are some amazing and easy to implement ways that will help you save your money.


There’s a lot of awesomeness going to waste for a mere lack of an enough degree that supports the claim for their amazing craft. I personally don’t believe in the degree culture and is quite an advocate of skill, passion, willingness to learn over stamping needs. So, finding these people can be the trick for you, yes it will consume a lot of time not if you’re lucky but when you do find these people you’ll have the drive added to your work that enlivens the complete structure and that too at an economical price. Shifting from that banal mindset to a forwarding notion of searching work over degrees will get you people who are willing and probably more nimble than their counterpart at a price that is not heart-breaking.


If I tell you that you are a superhero would you believe me? Well, if not then you haven’t realized the superpower available to you,i.e, the Internet. You literally have solutions lined up for you, just type your keyword, and you have the required information. You are the modern superhero, “the Knowledgeman”. So, when we have the power why not use it?. Make things interesting by doing them yourself. We at Dexciss apply this from time to time, we didn’t hire interior designers or even carpenters or even painters to set up the tables and paint our material neither did we buy expensive furniture but we used our superpower and went to Pinterest for ideas and designed the office by ourselves, we even made the furniture by using the pipes, bolts, wood, color, epoxy for making the table, 3D art on wall using craft sheets, and a notice board with wood, paint, paper, pipes. It became our weekend activity for two weeks and the results are satisfying and economical and it’s always great to be surrounded by things you build. Also, it is a great source for building teamwork, filliping creativity, and having a lot of childlike fun with colors.Try this one out it has more than one benefit. Do as much as you can by yourself it’s utterly satisfying, cost saving, and rejuvenating.

The 3D Wall Art

The Board


Use technology to your advantage, save cost by hiring only sufficient employees, and automating as much as possible, a good solution like S.I.M.P.L.E can be of great help which automates most of your work relieving you of the excess pressure. It not only automates but integrates, simplifies, and secures your work leading to a more productive environment at a cheaper fare.


Hire interns, it’s the best way to get wonderful people at a lower pay. Be an awesome place to work at and a great source of learning that naturally decoys interns to your place. This will help get more done in a lot less than the usual cost that is involved in making work happen. Here’s a pic of our new intern, Sahil, he is passionate, motivated, and an avid learner.


Change the way you market yourself, while marketing is an essential requirement, a must have for survival in this fierce market you definitely can take a different road, a less expensive one. Try social media marketing with little to no budget leveraging quality content with a novel touch that feels fresh to the senses. Go against the wind if you wish to fly high because that way you’ll have a chance to get noticed otherwise it’s easy to get lost in the clutter. Again use your superpowers to find material that can be of use to you, ask yourself what different can I do to convey my message? And not be afraid to experiment. Also, if you have a little higher budget you can try gorilla marketing that can get you some attention.


Meetings, meetings, and more meetings do we really need them while we do to discuss the crucial’s we do not need them in the quantity we currently are working out with. We can always cut down on meetings making them crisp, clear, and limited. Holding lavish meetings or even the average ones cost you a whole lot of time and money which can be directed towards something more productive. To cut out on this cost you can shift ways going from physical to online meetings using free meeting tools like free conference call, and when required to have a physical one you can limit the people to only the really important ones, limited heads limited cost, not only that you can squeeze the time the meeting is held for making it to the point, economical, and productive.


It’s true when you work something out for someone, something works out for you. Well, look out for our planet it will benefit you. Move away from the traditional practices to those that favour green culture, say no to paper and instead use document management system like the one in S.I.M.P.L.E, it not only will save you money that goes into managing the papers but will help you be more productive by saving a lot of your very important time and making information available in real-time adding power to your decision-making process and also, having amazing reports. You can also save your money and our planet by switching to an office with a lot of natural lighting that not only saves your electricity bill but also infuses positivity in your employees as good natural lighting is believed to do that. There can be many more ways, work out your mind to find more and if you do, leave us comments so we can also find help from your innovative ideas.


There’s a place beyond physical structures where all the data and stuff are moving probably because of the smart city like feel and that too at an economical price. Take your work to the data paradise,i.e, in the clouds, or they’ll be left alone in the banal platforms. You can use S.I.M.P.L.E for moving to cloud technology where your work is safer, faster, integrated, flexible and accurate with no burden of buying the hardware, having a large IT team, and all other futile expenditure and stultifying moves.


The best way to save more is to earn way more. Go out there with your services, means really there, know more about your customers, their buying habits, what they like, what they don’t like and create a personalized experience for them, making them feel they matter because honestly, they do. With all this knowledge you can have a more focused marketing where you don’t spend on unnecessary moves but stay lean with your practices using only the effective ones. But isn’t holding this much information really tough and possibly cluttering, well I bet not because we have MAGNET ready-made designed with vigilance, knowledge, precision, and a beautiful user-interface only for you, you, and well you. Yes, anyone can use it, so use it before your competitors do.


A great financial planning can almost always lead to great results at least better than having no planning at all. Plan your needs, list your expenses, see what all you can cut from the list, is there any better substitute available, find cheaper but awesome means, and yes you can always turn to S.I.M.P.L.E, my God, it does everything, it’s like some superhero, oh I mean sidekick because you are the superhero. So, have S.I.M.P.L.E as your sidekick and you can do anything from amazing planning to a great implementation and yes, a rigorous review.


Well, there can be many more ways that can shape a better financial ground for your standing but hope these might give your creativity a nudge and you’ll take on from there. And yes, like things culminate we have to really, we do, tell you a little more about S.I.M.P.L.E, not only because it’s our product (while that is the prime reason but that’s not the only reason) but because it truly is a genius one. It has the best user-interface where enterprise solutions are concerned and is astoundingly flexible and simple to use and don’t trust me, see it yourself. It comes in micro-vertical fashion reserving your fitting for you, giving you exactly what you want, it is highly secure with 4 level security (wow!), and the best part is it is economically awesome with a starting price of 1000 bucks…AMAZING.

Here are some more amazing features of S.I.M.P.L.E

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