GST Compliance

“SIMPLE is Stronger and Tougher than ever after GST”

GST was enforced from 1st July, 2017

Changing our present TAX scheme was being discussed by the government from a very long time but soon after the passing of GST bill on 29th March 2017 new TAX schemes were launched in India on 1st July 2017, by the name of Goods and Service Tax aka “GST”. It was the beginning of a new era and an end to our so-called indirect and varied TAX structure.


S.I.M.P.L.E. was relaunched with new GST reforms and reports to keep you ahead of others by implementing new laws ASAP. Its the Best GST Ready Enterprise solution for all Small and mid-sized Industries also including Big HotShots.


Dexciss made our life SIMPLE and Managed. After GST implementation, within few days only, Dexciss was out with their GST Compliant and updated Solution.

Vinod Bargoti

Managing Director, Star Rising Energy Pvt. Ltd.

After taking a deep dive into the system we selected this but after GST we thought that we should have waited a bit but to our surprise DexcissTech. was ready for this hurdle with an update and adapted GST Reforms quickly without any delay.

Ankur Joshi

Director, Eisen Pharmaceuticals

Global Taxation Reforms

It’s not only in India that we have updated Taxation reforms, but as we have a worldwide presence, we have always tried to match Global Taxation reforms of countries like US, Africa, Algeria, Canada, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and many other countries.

Whenever any transformation is required, we deploy our special team to adapt it without any delays. It’s not about us, but it’s about our customers who rely on us and we are 24*7 available for them. We have a GST Ready Product which is 100% Customizable as every Industry have their own processes.

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